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Are there viable alternatives to PowWowNow?

It’s often said that big risk brings big rewards. The business world is one in which courage and innovation are particularly valued. Stories are rife about entrepreneurs who pushed boundaries, staged Jerry Maguire-esque walk-outs or resolutely ignored all advice and conventions. In fact, such stories often relate to some of the biggest names out there. There are even Harvard scientists who say being a rebel is a key characteristic of leaders, while so-called ‘troublemakers’ are deemed prime candidates to become entrepreneurs in adult life. You could easily move outside your comfort zone today by considering the alternatives to PowWowNow.

Be brave, but not cocky

Thinking outside the box, daring to rethink the rules, and having the courage in your convictions to follow through even when you’re told ‘no’ are clearly valuable qualities. Humility has its place too, though. That same Harvard professor’s explanations also draw from the Zen Buddhist philosophy ‘sho shin’, which refers to the idea of having a beginner’s mind. It’s been usefully laid out by Suzuki Roshi, a monk, in the iconic text Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind. Considering yourself an expert can actually be damaging to how you conduct business. People get comfortable and complacent. Their thinking ceases to be fresh, they stop pushing boundaries, they don’t look for new opportunities or resources because ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’.

And this is can be a truly fatal pitfall. It can have dire consequences for you, your business, and your customers. That’s not to say this philosophy only applies to business: even within the charitable sector, many are all too ready to remain in the comfortably familiar. This has led to the sector’s infamous failure to keep up with technological developments. And that’s not the only way its failing to maximise donations. You need only ask the Wonderful Organisation, a totally fee-free platform which could massively boost the funding good causes receive by cutting out the charges other platforms take from donations. They know as well as anybody that nobody ever got fired for buying IBM, and too many people’s concern does seem to be just holding onto their jobs and sticking to the status quo, rather than making powerful changes.


What’s this got to do with alternatives to PowWowNow?

You might be asking yourself what any of this has to do with PowWowNow or conference calls. But we sue lots of tools for communication and there are lots of providers out there. The pitfalls of sticking with what you know rather than branching out to a potentially better option apply to conference call solutions too. There are a small number of extremely popular conference call services in the UK, and many businesses stick with the same service (such as PowWowNow) for years. Given how integral conference calling is to businesses, this is both logical and absurd. On the one hand, it makes sense to fall into a safe pattern with something that you’re doing every day – and for many, teleconferencing is a daily occurrence, particularly if they work remotely or travel for work. On the other, surely something that is so pivotal to your company needs to be the best it can. So why just accept the standard option rather than researching the best conference call providers? Why not consider alternatives to PowWowNow or one of the other big providers?


What does PowWowNow offer?

PowWowNow’s popularity is doubtless in part thanks to the familiarity of its name. It inspires trust. People know what they’re getting. But like any communication tool that ultimately costs money to use, it’s always worth understanding and weighing up the alternatives.

The teleconference provider offers a free PIN service with unlimited talk time and guests. For £10 a month, you’ll get video and web conferencing, call recording, and an 03 conference number.


Is WHYPAY? a viable alternative to PowWowNow?

We think so! Weighing up PowWowNow’s offerings against WHYPAY?’s certainly suggests it, too. You need only cast your eye over WHYPAY?’s free and paid plans.

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Access numbers

One difference that jumps out is PowWowNow requires users to opt for a paid plan if they want 03 conference numbers. Given how great 03 numbers are for conference calling, this probably pushes a lot of people to shell out.

In fact, if you go for the free PowWowNow plan, it turns out it’s not so ‘free’ after all. As we see all too often, free conference calls are too good to be true.

That’s because to use PowWowNow’s ‘free PIN service’, you have to call a shared-cost number. This means all participants and hosts will have to pay additional per minute charges (service charges) for the time they spend on the call.

Customers paying for one of PowWowNow’s Pro packages receive 03 access numbers. With WHYPAY? on the other hand, all conference calls are reached with 03 numbers, meaning our teleconferences are genuinely free to dial into. If you’re looking for a free conference call bridge and you don’t want to end up with surprise charges on your phone bill, or expecting your invitees to pay to attend, WHYPAY? might be a better alternative to PowWowNow.

Custom branding

As an alternative to PowWowNow, WHYPAY?’s also boasts some extras. Custom branding lets you tailor your callers’ experience to reflect your company. You can upload a custom welcome greeting, which can be professionally recorded for a one-off £85 fee, and select your waiting music.

Less expensive alternatives to PowWowNow

While WHYPAY?’s free plan seems to have the edge over PowWowNow’s, the paid option also comes in at less than half the price. WHYPAY?’s Plus plan is just £4 per month, whereas PowWowNow’s cheapest paid option is more than twice that, at £10.

Likewise, our pricier option is just £8/month. PowWowNow’s is £16. And to ensure nobody pays for features they don’t need, WHYPAY? offers optional boosters. Those requiring lots of rooms and participants can opt to supersize their selected package.

Nothing to lose and plenty to gain

Trying out WHYPAY? as your new conference call provider doesn’t require any kind of sacrifice. Whether you want simple, hassle-free and zero cost conference calls, or have larger-scale teleconferencing needs, WHYPAY? has you covered. And with a stellar Trustpilot profile, your claims to be taking any kind of risk are rapidly dwindling… We have thousands of happy customers who can’t believe how simple, reliable, clear and affordable WHYPAY? truly is. We want to restore your faith that exciting things needn’t always be too good to be true.

Create your first WHYPAY? teleconference today by clicking the button below. Or click onto our homepage, or the plans section to browse our offerings.

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GabiAre there viable alternatives to PowWowNow?
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