How to set up a custom conference call greeting

At WHYPAY?, we pride ourselves on our super reliable, high-quality calls. And we know our participants appreciate the reliability of the service too. You only need to glance over Trustpilot to see it! Our reviews often talk about WHYPAY? calls’ simplicity, ease and constancy. But simple and reliable doesn’t have to mean basic, boring or predictable. In fact, WHYPAY? has just had an exciting refresh. Some of these brilliant new features we’ve introduced allow for awesome custom-branding on your conference calls. One effective and easy way to give a strong impression of your organisation is with a custom conference call greeting. Here, we outline how to do just that.

A custom conference call greeting is the very first thing attendees will hear, so it makes sense to give it special thought. After all, we know the importance of first impressions. The great news is, welcoming participants with your own custom conference call greeting is really straightforward!

1) Decide on the content of your custom conference call greeting

Obviously, the first step will be figuring out exactly what you want your welcome message to be. That’s entirely up to you. It might even vary depending on the purpose or participants of each meeting. The main thing is remembering that this is the first thing people will hear, so it’s going to set the tone of the whole audio meeting. You’ll probably want to keep it brief, professional and welcoming. Giving your organisation a shout-out can often be a good idea too, to really give a strong impression of your brand.

2) Who can give the perfect voice to your message?

The next step is thinking about the voice that will deliver your custom conference call greeting. You might like to keep this personal and use your own. If the conference call room will be hosting internal meetings which you’ll always be hosting, that can certainly give a nice consistency and establish your authority and professionalism as a host.

Alternatively, you might be thinking more about the actual sound of the voice. We know how important non-verbal cues are for communication, so things like tone and pitch can really affect our subconscious impressions. Also consider accent, clarity and enunciation. People need to be able to understand your carefully planned custom conference call greeting!

Once you’ve picked the perfect person, you simply need to create an audio recording of the custom greeting.

3) Go pro?

If you can’t pick a person to be the voice of your teleconferences, WHYPAY? can help you create a professionally executed custom conference call greeting. You still decide what’s said, and then the lovely lady whose friendly voice you hear delivering messages on WHYPAY? conference calls will create a recording of your script.

Getting this organised is simple, fast and very reasonably priced. It simply requires a one-off payment of £85 + VAT, and the custom conference call greeting is yours for life! To get yours, just contact us. You can epxect to have your recording in around 7 working days.

4) Upload your custom conference call greeting

Once you’ve got your audio recording, be it with our professional service or of your own making, you’re very nearly there! Getting it integrated into your audio meetings is very simple.

Go to your Dashboard and, unsurprisingly, select the ‘Custom greeting’ option accompanied by the icon of a speakerphone. You then click ‘Choose file’ to upload the audio recording of your choice. Within two working days, we will process the recording and have it applied to your WHYPAY? account. It couldn’t be easier!


If you’re already conference calling with WHYPAY?, why not set up your own custom greeting and give your callers a real sense of professionalism and consistency? And if you haven’t tried our service yet, you can get a taste for why our users love it so much by scheduling your own free conference call today!

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