Exciting new features inbound!

In July 2019 we’ll be adding some exciting new features to the WHYPAY? service.

WHYPAY? has been built on (and will continue to champion) the idea that businesses, doctors surgeries, charities, sports clubs, friends and families shouldn’t have to pay unnecessarily to hold simple telephone conference calls. To that end, WHYPAY? will always provide the option for completely FREE, excellent quality, extremely reliable conference calls.

Over the years the team behind WHYPAY? has received countless requests for advanced conference features and collaboration tools (think local dial-in numbers for overseas callers, additional controls for conference hosts, web conferencing capabilities). These requests have been steadily increasing over recent months, and we understand the demand for more!

This is our philosophy:

Why pay when you really shouldn’t have to? But why not pay if you need more?

With this in mind, we’ll be introducing some great value subscription plans, which bundle features together. Whilst introducing a range of improvements and new features – at low cost to you (where there are expenses we must meet) – we’ll retain the option of 100% free conference calls for those who need a simple, effective and reliable telephone conference service.

The other great news is that existing WHYPAY? users will continue to have access to all their existing features (up to 50 rooms with 100 participants per room, call recording, scheduling and so on) free of charge. For customers signing up after the changes are implemented, we’ll be applying a new lower limit on the number of participants per conference room and call recording will no longer be a free service. However this is not the case for existing customers. Other than usability improvements to the online account area of the website, there will be no change to your accounts.

So what can you expect?

First up:


  • Add additional conference organisers to your account;
  • Private 03 dial-in numbers;
  • Moderator PINs give hosts more control over each conference;
  • In-call controls using your telephone keypad;
  • Choose to start the conference only once a moderator joins;
  • Advanced muting controls eliminate background noise on large calls and allow presentation style meetings;
  • Upload your own or order a professionally recorded conference welcome greeting;
  • Choose a specific genre for your conference waiting music.

If you own a WHYPAY? account you’ll be notified by email when new features become available.

Use the live chat widget at the bottom right corner if you have any questions or feedback for our support team! You can also contact us via the Helpdesk.

If you’ve not used WHYPAY? before, get started by creating your very first, FREE conference room now:

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AdminExciting new features inbound!
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