Need a UK teleconference service? Avoid this common mistake…

When you’re looking for a teleconference service, there’s a lot to think about. And many of us certainly are on the look-out for the perfect teleconference provider. Conference calls are such valuable business tools, but they have all kinds of other uses beyond business, too. Anybody who has ever wanted to speak to more than one person at a time would find group phone calls beneficial. And in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown, conference calls are earning the recognition as the wonderful tools they are. From fighting loneliness during self-quarantine, to continuing education through isolation, as well as helping people to work from home and religious services to run, conference calls are truly proving themselves. That’s why choosing the right teleconference service might be more important than ever. But too many people fall into the trap of incurring unexpected or unnecessary costs by choosing the wrong teleconference service.

Think about your needs when choosing a teleconference service

Today’s world is filled with choices. Many markets are pretty saturated with different brands, variations, flavours, sizes… It’s understandable that sometimes, people just want the decision made for them. That’s why – to their detriment – a lot of people don’t even think beyond the best-known name. When it comes to picking a teleconference service, that means people don’t always consider the alternatives to services like PowWowNow.

But with teleconferences being such versatile tools, there can be no one-size-fits-all solution. Before committing to one teleconference service, you should take some time to think about what you need from it.

Make a list of the features and qualities you’d like. Ideally, put it in order of importance. That way, you’ll be making an educated search when it comes to sifting through the many teleconference services out there. Hopefully that will help you to find the perfect conference call provider for you. And if you need help doing so, you can look at our little guide here. It gives you an idea of the kinds of questions you should be asking yourself as you pick your teleconference service.


Consider your budget

One thing that most of us can agree is that there’s no sense in spending money unnecessarily. Whether you’re a charity who could put the funds to great use, a large corporation looking to boost your profit margins, or just reluctant to shell out to chat with your grandparents, saving money can never be a bad idea.

That’s why it’s such a shame that so many people are making the same common mistake. Before choosing your teleconference service, look at how much it’s going to cost you.

Look for a teleconference provider without registration fees

If you’re really keen to save money, you’ll want a teleconference service with a truly free plan. Luckily, WHYPAY? offers just that. There are no sign-up fees or membership costs whatsoever. And if you choose the Free plan, you won’t part with a penny.

That gets you your own conference call room, with unlimited conference calling! It’s yours to use 24/7, for as long as you like. And you can invite up to 50 participants to join you.

To get started, simply click the button below or head to our homepage.

Create a FREE Teleconference


Consider your callers – and yourself!

While membership can be one of the expenses of conference calling, calls with some teleconference provider will also cost you every time you call – or every minute of the call. That’s why looking at a teleconference service’s dial-in numbers is crucial.

This is really the biggest and most common mistake when it comes to choosing a teleconference service. Sometimes, it looks like a free service. There’s no membership or registration fee, so people go ahead. But then they get an expensive bill at the end of the month…

Plus, a lot of people are happy to part with a few quid in the way of subscription fees to get some nifty features for their conference calls. At WHYPAY?, we really do mean a few quid. Our Plus plan is only £4 per month. For £8 per month, you can go Pro and add custom branding.

If you want to ensure that neither you nor your invitees get a hefty bill at the end of every conference call, it’s important to think about how you’ll actually be joining the calls. Don’t make the common mistake of paying per minute.

Choose a teleconference service with 03 dial-in numbers

The best way to avoid bill-shock and unexpected (and unnecessary!) charges is to choose an 03 dial-in number. According to Ofcom rulings, calls to 03 numbers must be charged in the same way as calls to standard UK landlines.

For most UK callers, that means that the calls are simply deducted from their bundled minutes. As long as they have inclusive minutes available in their contract, the call won’t cost a penny. If they have no minutes remaining, or they pay as they go, then the call will still only cost the same as dialling a UK landline. These costs vary by provider. But to give you an idea, we’ve investigated typical costs from some of the leading mobile network providers in the UK – check out our findings here.

Many a teleconference service offers numbers with service and connection charges. That means that every teleconference has a cost of connecting in the first place, and then racks up additional charges for every minute the call lasts. Avoid these expenses by simply choosing an 03 number.


You need to trust your teleconference service

Conference calls are becoming an increasingly integral part of life. Many people have been holding teleconferences instead of meetings for years. In the current climate, almost everybody is doing so. We’re also conference calling to stay in touch with friends, keep our faith, maintain our education… Nearly every facet of life can be supplemented with a conference call. That’s why it’s vital that you find a teleconference service you really trust.

You need to be confident it’s secure. You’ll also want to be certain of its reliability. Plus, we all want transparency and clarity about how any business we use is operating.

WHYPAY? offers all three.

You can find out about our rigorous security measures in this in-depth article. Rest assured, we take every aspect of security and privacy seriously. As such, we go above and beyond the necessary measures to guarantee our teleconference service is truly secure.

Don’t just take our word for it

When it comes to reliability, consistency is key. While many of our users come to WHYPAY? thanks to recommendations from friends and colleagues, one positive experience isn’t always representative. And we also don’t like to blow our own trumpets too much…

That’s why services like Trustpilot are so useful. They can help establish consistency by showing lots and lots of users’ experiences. Plus, the reviews are coming from users themselves. Unlike the company, they have no vested interest in giving positive accounts!

Reviews speak volumes (and call-quality!)

But there are plenty of positive accounts from happy WHYPAY? users. Just look at our Trustpilot page. You’ll see our teleconference service is reliable, clear and really easy to use.

Here are just a few to give you an idea…

Paul was pleased with the quality and the price:

Good quality and seamless usage. Will be keeping this product, free is a real bonus.

Nicholas would certainly recommend WHYPAY?, even for international calls:

First time I used it was for a two and a half hour conference call involving four different locations, one being China. The call was crystal clear for all parties and there were no interruptions. I can’t fault the service!

And Deborah appreciates the ease and security of our teleconference service:

Really easy and useful and secure.

Those are just a few from the last couple of days. But if you see our overall ranking of Excellent, you’ll see this is the general consensus for over 1500 reviewers.

Don’t forget transparency

The other aspect of trusting your teleconference service is finding one that is really clear about how it all works. At WHYPAY?, we think transparency is one of the most important core values of any organisation.

That’s why we strive to be clear about how we calculate how much our conference callers save. In fact, we’ve broken down these calculations in this blog post.

So if you want to find out how we know users saved a genuinely staggering £4,358,036 in March alone, you can check on our maths!

We’re also very explicit about how WHYPAY? can afford to operate. Many people hear that WHYPAY? offers genuinely free conference calling and are skeptical, always searching for the catch. How can we offer a totally free plan, that doesn’t charge anything for the service we provide?

We understand these questions. Luckily, we understand the answers too – and we want you to as well! That’s why we’ve explained how the free conference call business model works for us.


Could WHYPAY? be your perfect teleconference service?

At WHYPAY?, there are no hidden costs, no sneaky clauses, no surprises. Just genuinely free, reliable and secure conference calling.

It’s also incredibly simple to use. Participants can dial in from any telephone with a keypad and the capacity to place a call. All they need to do is call the 03 dial-in number and enter the room number and PIN when prompted. Our service is totally accessible, so even the least tech-savvy can stay in touch.

And with no contracts, no commitments, and no costs, there’s no reason not to find out for yourself. Start conference calling with WHYPAY? today, and you may just find the perfect teleconference service.

Create a FREE Teleconference
AdminNeed a UK teleconference service? Avoid this common mistake…
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