Free conference calls?

You'd better believe it!

WHYPAY? uses an 03 access number

Unlike the majority of UK conference call services which use expensive 08 numbers or special shortcodes to dial in, WHYPAY? provides an 03 number for its users. Under Ofcom regulations, calls to 03 numbers must be included in bundled minutes offered by any UK fixed or mobile network operator in exactly the same way as calls to 01 or 02 numbers. This applies to calls from any type of UK line, including mobiles, landlines and payphones. So if calls to landlines are included within your bundled minutes, then your calls to WHYPAY? will be too. If you pay for your calls to landlines, or exceed your bundled minutes, then calls to WHYPAY? will be charged by your provider (not by WHYPAY?) at the same, standard rate. Please note this only applies to UK callers.

Please check your provider’s information regarding the details of your bundled minutes package, as some providers start charging after a certain call duration (usually 1 hour). However many providers allow you to hang up and re-dial before you reach that point in order to avoid being charged, since they then see it as two separate calls.

So, how does WHYPAY? make money?

In case you’re wondering how we can provide a truly free service, the answer is that it is supported by the fraction of a penny per minute rebate that we receive from BT for calls made to our 03 dial-in number.

This provides a wafer-thin margin allowing us to provide WHYPAY? at no cost to you. We do not charge to use the service or any of its extra features. Handling such large volumes of long-duration calls allows us to offer a viable free service. Better still, the more people that use WHYPAY? the more we are able to invest in enhanced features like call recording which we introduced some time ago. So spread the word and do take a moment to review the service on Trustpilot.

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