Custom branded conference calls for the ultimate first impression

Personalisation is the word of the moment. In all things, we are leaning into individualism. People are increasingly comfortable with, even encouraged to embrace, the things that make them unique. And in turn, they want the things they have to be unique. Likewise, as markets become saturated and competitive, protecting and promoting your company’s brand is imperative. One step in making a fabulous first impression and ensuring your brand isn’t diluted is to use branded conference calls.

Do first impressions matter?

It might be somewhat of a tired truism to say that you don’t get a second chance at a first impression. But that doesn’t make it any less vital – particularly for businesses. The fact is, first impressions are made in a matter of seconds, but they can have a seriously long-lasting impact. In fact, a Harvard study found that fleeting and silent first impressions moulded people’s permanent feelings.

Plus, you’re probably putting a lot of thought, time and money into customer service. If you’re not, you certainly should be. Customer service counts for a lot. While you should certainly keep this up, it’s likely that you’re looking beyond maintenance. Most business owners would like to expand their business. In order to do so, you need to be thinking about courting new clients, partnerships and employees. And that means always making a stellar first impression.


What do branded conference calls have to do with first impressions?

Just knowing first impressions are important is, of course, not enough. Luckily, there are plenty of proactive and tangible steps you can take to strengthen your company’s first impression. One is choosing branded conference calls.

Doubtless you know how valuable conference calls are for businesses. A result of (or reason for) this is that you’re probably conference calling pretty regularly. But are you using branded conference calls? If not, you’re missing out on a great chance to foreground your company’s brand.

And teleconferencing is often the way initial contact is made. Conference calls are a great way to interview employees. They can also help you connect with investors, partners and shareholders across the globe. You can even use conference calls to keep clients informed of company updates, or get their feedback. Or hold a virtual open day using teleconferencing technology! Whomever you’re connecting with, by using branded conference calls you’ll start by making a lasting impression of your company.


What are branded conference calls?

With WHYPAY?, there are lots of ways you can make your conference call room your own.

Create a FREE Teleconference

On the Pro package, you’ll get a range of adjustable features to create your branded conference calls. You can even set up a private conference bridge! That means the dial-in number will be exclusively for your company.

You can also pick a custom welcome greeting for your branded conference calls. This can either be provided for you, recorded in the same voice as delivers all of WHYPAY?’s announcements, or you can create your own recording. And you get to decide on the waiting music callers hear while their own hold, and make sure it fits in with your company’s image.


What are the benefits?

  1. Stand out from the competition
    Imagine somebody is fielding potential companies to invest in. You want to make sure they choose your company to give funds to! Or they have several job interview conference calls lined up. You need to find a way to stand out in a wave of teleconferences. If the conference call is tailored to your brand, you’ll be reinforcing it from beginning to end. This will give you a clear edge over competitors who aren’t using branded conference calls. Being remembered is a huge part of being chosen!
  2. Give a sense of professionalism
    Using branded conference calls gives an overall more professional feeling to any virtual meeting. Conference calls have loads of uses outside of business. While that’s great for people from tutors and students to doctors and patients, music fans and musicians, it can also mean that conference calls don’t inherently feel business-related. But by starting your call with an announcement of your company’s name, it’s clear from the outset what everybody is there for. Plus, it shows your dedication to your brand, and the fact that the number is only being used for your company’s calls. Overall, branded conference calls boost the impression of prestige and exclusivity.
  3. Reinforce your brand throughout the customer experience
    It’s all well and good using social media to boost your brand and marketing. And your website probably has your logo, colour scheme and other branding on every page. But what about when customers want to speak on the phone? Sustain the prominence of your brand throughout customers’ interaction with your company and reinforce your brand through the call.


How to get branded conference calls

Now you know why you should use branded conference calls, you just need to figure out the how. Thankfully, it’s really simple! Just create your WHYPAY? account, and sign up for the Pro plan. It’s only £8 per month, and brings with it a load of really useful features aside from branded conference calls. Get started today!

Create a FREE Teleconference
AdminCustom branded conference calls for the ultimate first impression
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