Using social to add to telemarketing campaigns

Telemarketing has proven itself to be an incredibly useful tool in generating business and keeping customers loyal. Similarly, a lot of businesses have learned to harness the power of social media and blogs extremely effectively. So, for many people, the next logical progression has been to combine these two considerable forces to create an impressive, proactive marketing strategy.

Increasing company reputation and sales

With this combination, you can ensure that your name, brand, and philosophy are well known to your prospective customers before you contact them directly, as they will be familiar with your online social media presence.

Crucially, you still aren’t sacrificing the direct, personal contact that telemarketing adds to your strategy, and an account on a computer screen lacks. What’s more, through the merging with social media, your contact with the customers can be even more personal than ever before. You can use the information you gain of each consumer’s social media interactions and habits when you do finally directly contact them via telemarketing, giving you a key advantage over your competition.

Social media has a focus on pulling potential customers in, and making them come to you, in the hopes that following one of your accounts will lead to further clicks to different social media platforms, and eventually your desired landing page. By adding telemarketing to this strategy, you are no longer expecting your customers to do all the work: a balance is created, where they reach you and you in turn reach out to them, in the knowledge that they have a genuine interest in the services you offer. Clearly, this means your return on investment will very likely be multiplied, as you can have a much more informed database of people to target, and how to target them, meaning you avoid wasting calls on dead leads.

Using social the right way

Use your social media wisely, ensuring the messages, posts, and information and in total harmony with your brand’s, and that you don’t clog up people’s timelines and feeds with irrelevant or irritating messages. It’s important not to just hammer out lots of marketing (which is why combining with telemarketing is such a beneficial idea), but use your posts to provide interesting, useful, and entertaining material, as well as interacting with other accounts. Done properly, the combination of social media and telemarketing could be the move that raises your company far above the competition, and forges a deeper bond with your customer base.

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AdminUsing social to add to telemarketing campaigns
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