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Showing our working: How we calculate how much you save on conference calls

Here at WHYPAY? we calculate how much money our users are save on conference calls by comparing the cost of calling our 03 number (usually £0.00) to the costs of calling 7 alternative conference providers in the UK.

We love transparency at WHYPAY? (it’s one of the reasons we’ve partnered with The Wonderful Organisation), and we wanted to clearly show our working when it comes to our estimated savings.

To calculate how much WHYPAY? users save, we take information from the UK’s most popular landline and mobile providers. What we do is work out the average per minute rate for calling an 084/087 number (provided by 7 alternative conference calling services listed below) and multiply it by the number of minutes our conference callers use each month. This gives us an estimate of how much our own users would be paying for their conference calls if they were to choose one of the alternative providers.

Our savings calculation assumes that our users are paying £0 per minute when calling into our service. How could that be possible? Well, with our 03 conferencing number there are no per minute charges for any conference participant who is using a UK mobile or landline network and has minutes included in their contract. Whether it’s unlimited daytime and evening minutes on a landline contract, or 4000 minutes per month on a mobile plan – calls to 03 numbers must be included in the free minutes of UK phone networks.

Calling 03 numbers is just like calling a standard UK 01 or 02 number. This means most of our users pay absolutely nothing for their conference calls!

Here’s our working out…

We found 7 alternative telephone conference providers by searching the web for things like “free conference calls” or “UK telephone conferencing”. Like WHYPAY?, most of these services are free to set up. But being free to call is a different kettle of fish!


Of these 7 alternatives, all of them provide an 084 number for dialling into conference rooms (some also provide a mobile shortcode, which we’ll explain later). But first, we work out the access charge for dialling an 084 number from a range of leading mobile and landline phone packages. We assume the call is made on a weekday during the daytime.

Access Charges

Mobile networks

*Information up to date as of 2 July 2018

Network Access Charge (Pence Per Minute)
Virgin Monthly 58
Virgin PAYG 36
EE Monthly 55
O2 Monthly 55
O2 PAYG 55
Vodaphone Monthly 55
Vodaphone PAYG 45
Average: 50.3

Landline networks

*Information up to date as of 2 July 2018

Network Access Charge (ppm)
(Unlimited Weekend, Unlimited Evening & Weekend)
Virgin Media
(Talk Weekends, Talk More Weekends,
Talk More Evenings and Weekends, Talk More Anytime)
(Sky Talk Evening and Weekends Extra)
(Evening & Weekend UK & Mobile Calls)
Talk Talk 10.5
Post Office 12
Average: 11.5

So, we have two average access charges for calling an 084 conferencing number. One for mobile networks and one for landline networks:









For mobiles, charges seem very steep. But for landlines it’s not so bad, right?

Well, that’s quite optimistic when you consider that the average conference call is around 40 minutes long. It’s perfectly possible for a single mobile caller to pay over £20 for one conference call. For landlines, you can easily pay over £5 for a 45 minute call. Many businesses have multiple callers participating, which of course multiplies the costs.


Access charges form only part of the story. There’s also an additional ‘service charge’, which gets added whenever there is an access charge to form the total pence per minute rate. We also need to bear in mind that some of the conference call providers supply callers with a ‘mobile shortcode’: an alternative dial-in number for mobiles that doesn’t have an access/service charge and is charged at a flat rate (usually 15 pence per minute).

Service charges, mobile shortcodes and total ppm rates

For our estimated savings, we work out the average per minute rate for landlines and mobiles by adding the access charges and service charges together for each provider. If the provider supplies a mobile shortcode for mobile callers, we take that rate instead.

This gives us a realistic estimated per minute cost for a range of other conference providers, taking into account a range of mobile and landline networks…

*Information up to date as of 2 July 2018

Provider Service Charge (ppm) Rate for Mobiles (ppm) Rate for Landlines (ppm)
0844 4 73 73 73
(87373 for mobiles)
6.96 15 18.5
0843 373 0843
(83000 for mobiles)
6.96 15 18.5
All Call
0844 473 7630
6.96 57.3 18.5
Buzz Conferencing
0845 545 5055
(8762763 for mobiles)
6.96 15 18.5
Conference Now
0844 581 9050
(8545505 from mobiles)
6.96 15 18.5
Easy Audio
0844 635 0034
5 55.4 16.5
0844 5719 171
6.96 57.3 18.5
Average: 33 18

Our Final Savings Figures

The table above gives us a total estimated rate for each conference provider from a wide range of mobiles and landline packages.

The average of these, can then be combined with the total number of minutes we support at WHYPAY? to estimate how much money has been saved.


Average rates for alternative providers






(Whopping) savings to be had

Each month we calculate how many call minutes our mobile and landline users generate in total. We combine this with the average mobile and landline rates above to estimate how much money our users save on conference calls.

Here are some examples…






At WHYPAY? we’re very proud to provide so many people with completely free, reliable, quality conference calls. We’re proving that there really is such a thing as a free conference call. As for a free lunch, that’ll have to be another blog post.



Showing our working: How we calculate how much you save on conference calls
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Showing our working: How we calculate how much you save on conference calls
In total, WHYPAY? conference callers save hundreds of thousands of pounds each month. Here we explain how that's possible, and how we estimate how much our callers are saving on their phone bills.
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Elliot GreenShowing our working: How we calculate how much you save on conference calls
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