The ultimate guide to effective note-taking on a conference call

Conference calls are an excellent way to work and collaborate with others remotely, whether you are two businesses collaborating on opposite sides of the world or one fully remote team looking to stay connected. There’s no doubt conference calls are a must-have tool for many businesses today, but the key to any great conference call is effective note-taking.

Learn how to take notes during a phone call (or a video conference) with our guide.

Effective note-taking while on a call

The biggest challenge taking notes during any meeting, whether it be over the phone or even in person, is effectively taking notes while listening to what others on the call are saying. We’ve all been there, but with these top tips, you’ll be taking notes like a pro in no time.

Prepare beforehand

It might sound counterproductive, but making some notes beforehand can really help you with better note-taking during your call. Do you have a rough agenda or key areas of discussion that you’d like to focus on during the call? Make a note of them beforehand and add some space for further note-taking beneath them, this will help you significantly when you come back to read them after the call.

Assign a note taker

If you’re having a meeting with other employees, why not assign a note-taker amongst the group? The note taker will solely be responsible for writing things down, so everyone else on the call can engage as they normally would.

Use our conference call notes template to organise your note-taking effectively

We’ve put together a handy conference call notes template to help you with effective note-taking on your next call. Our template is designed to help you easily organise your note-taking, focusing on discussion points and key actions after the call. Give it a try, you can download it here for free.

Write in detail for the most effective note-taking

Although it might be tempting to put down just a few words at the time of writing, making your notes as detailed as possible will make your life a whole lot easier when you come back to them. It’s better to write down too much detail rather than not enough, but make sure you’re still listening to what’s being said.

Effective note-taking means you organise your notes immediately after the call

One of the biggest mistakes people make when note-taking during a conference call is not revisiting their notes until days after the call. Ideally, you should organise your notes as soon as possible after the call, while everything discussed during is still fresh in your mind, to organise them and carry out any actions required.

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AdminThe ultimate guide to effective note-taking on a conference call
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