Conference calls for travellers

As summer reaches the northern hemisphere, the numbers of people jetting off are steadily increasing. While we have had uncharacteristically warm weather recently in Britain as the thermometer reached its highest point in forty years, many of us seek even sunnier pastures, or simply want the excitement of travelling somewhere new.

But though being in a brand new place can be truly exhilarating, it doesn’t come without some challenges. For many, it is the distance itself, the very thing a traveller is seeking, which can be difficult.

Whether its straightforward homesickness, an unexpected family crisis, or falling behind with work, being hundreds of miles away from everything you know is not always simple.

Luckily, the multitude of technological developments which have taken place over the past few decades mean that staying in touch is easier than ever, wherever you are in the world.

Still, most people’s parents won’t be content with a monthly Instagram post captioned with obscure emojis while you traipse across South East Asia. Your boss might not quite think a disgruntled Tweet about airport coffee can make up for your absence, and Snapchat can’t adequately convey the breathtaking sights which you sweated so much to climb to.

And beyond the infamous impotence of social media to replace more direct communication, there is also the fact that you probably don’t want to spend your precious holiday time glued to your phone. And – particularly for the most adventurous amongst us – it is unlikely that you will have unlimited data everywhere you go, anyway, and paying data roaming charges is a luxury which we can’t all add onto our holiday bill.

Sending out big group emails to keep everybody in the loop can work, but it is rather impersonal, and it means that you don’t get to hear what everyone back home is up to at the same time. But you also don’t want to spend hours on the phone to every friend, relative, colleague, and client.

That’s why conference calling can be such a great option. It’s the only method which lets you really talk to everybody at once. It gives you the freedom to express yourself clearly, in your own words and as many of them as you like, and allows people to engage with and respond to every aspect of your story as you talk.

What’s more, it means you don’t need to be lugging around a laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone on your travels. With conference call bridges like WHYPAY?, participants can dial in from any kind of mobile or landline telephone – absolutely no specialist equipment is required. That means even your most technophobic relatives will be easy to dial in to your virtual catch-ups.

Simply set up the conference call room, and send out an email or text to everyone that you want to take part in the call detailing the phone number which they need to dial, the conference call room and secure PIN, and the time and date to dial in. It’s really that simple! And you can set up different conference calls, so that you talk to your friends one day, siblings another, parents and grandparents in another, and a few virtual work meetings if you need them, too.

Conference calling is really the perfect travel tool which you don’t even need to pack into your suitcase. Wherever you’re driving, sailing, or flying to, you don’t need to lose touch with what matters to you back at home. You can arrange to have regular teleconferences before you go, oryou can very easily set one up whilst you’re out there if you need to get in touch. Never overlook the power of real conversation or the great fortune you have to have access to it right at your finger tips. Bon voyage!


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