How screen sharing could improve your conference calls

Screen sharing can be an extremely powerful tool for businesses as it provides the option of hosting online meetings with clients or business associates remotely.

This can not only save time for those involved but also significantly reduce travel costs, allowing companies to set up meetings at the push of a button with participants across the globe.


Visualisation is key

According to the Social Science Research Network, 65% of us are visual learners. This essentially means that these people engage best when they are not only hearing information, but also visualising it in some way. Whether this be an infographic or a simple photograph, seeing it can save effort spent trying to explain a concept over the phone. Screen sharing can allow companies who are in a conference call to share what they are looking at and describing with others taking part in the meeting. This will ensure a much higher level of engagement from all participants.

Real-time viewing

With the power of screen sharing, speakers can save huge amounts of time previously spent trying to explain a concept or diagram over the call by instead allowing everyone to see it remotely on their own screen. Furthermore, as screen sharing is instant, any changes made to the screen, for instance changing to the next slide on a presentation, are made in real time. This means that everyone can easily keep up in a conference call and if for whatever reason a participant stops paying attention, they merely need to look at their screen to keep track of what’s being discussed. It’s an incredibly easy way of sharing with all the participants exactly what you’re talking about, keeping meetings on track and ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Large files? No problem.

As screen sharing means that others are seeing exactly what is on your screen at the precise moment it is on there, it means that time is no longer wasted waiting for everyone on the call to load and open large files. Everything about a screen-sharing conference call is instant. This means that the meeting is much more likely to run smoothly and productivity is going to be much higher as distractions are kept to a minimum. The hassle of trying to attach a number of large files to emails is no longer a problem, if the host of the meeting opens them prior to the call on their own computer all they need to do is share their screen with all the other participants, which is done at the push of a button.

Save paper

As well as attaching files to emails, both conference calls and face-to-face meetings alike often involve huge booklets being printed, containing information of what is going to be discussed throughout the meeting. The aim of these documents is for the participants to be able to follow what is being discussed with the visuals in front of them. Screen sharing will eliminate both the environmental and financial costs associated with printing such documents. Whether it be in remote conference calls, or face-to-face board room meetings, screen sharing can allow everyone to have an electronic copy of what is being discussed right in front of them.

AdminHow screen sharing could improve your conference calls
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