Using conference calls for customer/staff support

Teamwork is almost always crucial to achieving something in business. Even the most experienced, successful professional would tend to confess that two heads are better than one, and three better than two, and… you get the idea. A group of productive people working together will generally achieve a huge deal more than just one or two could have.

Sometimes when there is a challenging problem to solve (whether it’s staff or customer based), a co-operative approach is required. And this is where we think many organisations could be making more use of conference calls. Conference calling, because it’s so simple, can be very easily integrated into any company’s support systems.

When support is needed, a conference call can grant access to the appropriate team of people to solve a problem, regardless of their location. If your director or IT guru is out travelling on a train somewhere, they can still have a meeting with the relevant people by holding a conference call from their mobile.

Sometimes it’s just a case of training the brain to think and realise:

“This issue would be resolved much more quickly if we all jumped on a conference call”.

Customer support

Some customer issues are too complex to be handled in a couple of minutes by one member of staff. Conferencing is often a great tool for high profile customers and partners who need support. If a customer encounters a complex issue or difficulty that may require action or advice from more than one member of your team – perhaps from different departments or different levels of authority – a group call can offer the ideal solution. Here it’s also crucial that you can make free conference calls, as charging customers for getting in touch with you is a practice that should always be avoided.

You can all easily work together to get to the root of the customer’s problem, and find the best possible way to address it. That way, your customer has the reassurance that everybody who should be involved is, and that their issue won’t simply be jotted down on a sticky note that never makes it to its intended recipient.

Keep communication clear, open, and productive by integrating conference calling into your customer support networks. It could be the extra step that makes the difference in earning true loyalty from your customers, by making them feel properly taken care of. It could also prevent customers from having to make inconvenient journeys to offices or outlets, as you may be able to help them from the comfort of their own home or office. Whether it’s fixing a technical issue or talking through a legal contract, you want to make it as easy for them as possible, and voice conferences are often the perfect solution.

Staff support

The nature of most medium to large businesses means staff often require time and attention from other colleges to resolve an issue. For things to run smoothly, communication and cohesion are absolutely key. And by holding a conference call when staff require support or when a meeting is required you can get the reach a solution more quickly.

Hold a regular staff conference call

Many people find that teleconferences are actually more productive than meetings, so you might like to make your conference calls a regular occurrence. It can be a great way for everybody to check in with each other once every week or so, and make sure everybody is on the same page and not encountering any difficulties. Fortunately, with WHYPAY? your conference rooms are yours to keep. That means the numbers you need to dial into the call won’t change, so you don’t have to keep updating and remembering different details!

Have you tried call recording for staff meetings?

A really great bonus of using conference calling for some of your meetings is the ease with which switch on conference call recording. This is really useful, as it means that you have access to any instructions or advice issued, so that you don’t get mixed up on potentially complicated processes or forget something that you were supposed to do. It makes note-taking much easier, as it can all be taken care of after the meeting has finished. What’s more, if anybody can’t even make the audio meeting, you need only send them over the audio file afterwards to make sure they are kept up to speed.

AdminUsing conference calls for customer/staff support
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