Can I conference call on my mobile?

Thanks to technology, conference calling isn’t restricted to landlines alone. You can dial into a conference call from your mobile and save a considerable amount of money at the same time. Besides, you needn’t be confined to a conference room or your desk when you have the privilege of using your mobile phone on the go. With calls becoming cheaper, teleconferencing through mobile phones has become a buzzword these days.

Read on to explore how to arrange a conference call on mobile, the costs of these calls and exactly how to keep the costs down.

How to conference call on a mobile

While you may be concerned with the differences between how to conference call on an  Android mobile or how to start a conference call on an iPhone, you’ll be pleased to hear the process is the same. With WHYPAY?, you can register online for free conference calls, after which you will be provided with a unique conference call number, room number and secure PIN. Whenever you’re ready to join or start a call, simply dial the number and enter your room number and PIN when requested. With all of the details entered, your conference call will be set up and ready to go! Before signing up, why not compare plans to ascertain whether you will need more than one conference room, special moderator features, or even custom-branding..

The costs of a conference call on mobile

An increasing number of companies across the UK opt for teleconferencing services that allow mobile phones to be used for conference calls. For the most part, mobile network operators include free minutes in their service plans which include calls to 03 numbers. Therefore, callers that dial into a teleconference using an 03 number can enjoy free calls, as long as they have minutes left. Alternatively, calls are charged at the same rate as those made to landline numbers, which includes 01 and 02 numbers.

Save time and money with conference calls on mobile

Conference calls are the ideal way to save costs. Many providers, including WHYPAY?, offer easy to use teleconference services with a host of inexpensive plans. You don’t need to book a conference call even when you may have participants dialling in from their mobiles, and using your mobile phone does not entail any extra costs to participate in a conference call. For participants, dialling into a conference call is just the same as dialling any other phone number, whether that’s from a landline or mobile phone. Another advantage is that participants can go about their normal routine and even travel if necessary, without the pressure of having to stick to a schedule.

Try arranging a free conference call for yourself

Whether conference calls play a big part in your work or you are thinking about trying them out for the very first time, we don’t believe setting up group calls should be costly, even when calling from a mobile. Give WHYPAY? a go and create your free account with us. You’ll be able to schedule calls, invite up to 50 participants and create a permanent conference room of your own. Of course, if you have any questions about these then be sure to reach out!

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