Chairing a conference call? Tips to ensure your call goes smoothly

Conference call hosts need to prepare well in order to conduct a call efficiently. The main objective of any host is to keep the call pertinent to the subject, purposeful and secure. Teleconferencing services providers like WHYPAY? offer a variety of well integrated features to ensure that conference calls are conducted smoothly.

Chairing a teleconference is easy as long as you are well prepared. All it needs is a bit or organisation and moderation. The first thing is to send the meeting request along with the agenda, phone number to dial into the conference bridge , and the access code to all the participants.

Make sure to check with the teleconference services provider before you send out these details and you are aware of the technical aspects. You can request for operator assistance if you do not wish to get involved with the technical details.

While informing the participants about the call, it is important to request them to call in well prepared with necessary documentation as per the agenda you provide. Give them enough time to make the necessary preparations. They should be ready at least 5 minutes before the schedule time of the conference call . This also gives the conference manager time to hand out any last minute instructions on using the teleconferencing system. For the smooth conduct of the call, it is prudent to lay down the ground rules for all participants. Make them aware of the person who is to chair the meeting so that there is no confusion later on who leads the call.

It is important to choose a conference call service where you pay for the actual time that is used. If you choose to book a slot, then there is always a risk of disruption and an incomplete agenda which could prove detrimental to your business. Providers like WHYPAY? offer a variety of plans to suit your conference call and business needs.

When chairing a conference call, it is important to keep tabs on participation to make sure that everyone who needs to be involved has their turn. Often, the loss of one participant’s views can lead to further complications and misunderstandings or an incomplete agenda. In the process, it is essential to record the call for future reference. A summary of the discussion should be made towards the end of the call. If possible, the date and time of the next conference call may be announced.

AdminChairing a conference call? Tips to ensure your call goes smoothly
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