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How much should you conference call each week?

Conference calling has helped a number of companies drastically reduce costs on travel and other related expenses that otherwise cut deep into their budgets. A significant reduction in costs and the minuscule expenses involved in teleconferencing services enables companies to hold teleconferences as frequently as required. Conference Call providers like WHYPAY? offer a host of customised and affordable plans, where some calls can be made free. Besides, participants that dial into a 03 number from their mobile can avail of free minutes offered by their mobile network operator. Therefore, many calls can be made at no cost while calls that are charged are priced the same as calls to landlines, typically 01 and 02 numbers.

Many providers offer flexible conference calling plans where you are not required to schedule a call. Calls can be made impromptu, which is useful in the case of emergencies. The cost is only for the duration of the call. There are several pricing options including flat rate billing, toll free per minute billing, and other monthly subscription plans as per the policies of the service provider.

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AdminHow much should you conference call each week?

How to have more productive conference calls

Conference calls are an integral part of corporate life, although some companies have not yet used it to the best of their advantage. Smart companies have opted for teleconferencing services in order to make the most of their communication needs. Providers of teleconference services like WHPAY? maintain a conference bridge and provide phone numbers to access a conference Call. To begin with, companies need to determine ways to better utilise this service. These calls need to be productive or else it would defeat the purpose of the meeting.

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AdminHow to have more productive conference calls

How to make faster decisions with conference calling

Conference calls have changed the way most organisations communicate. Teleconferencing takes over when it becomes impractical or unnecessary for employees and clients to attend meetings at a specific location. With the introduction of smart phone technology, conference calling has become more popular with several providers offering affordable services with the opportunity to make free calls as well.

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AdminHow to make faster decisions with conference calling

How to use your mobile for conference calling without paying the price

Are conference calls free from my mobile? How do I set one up?

These are very common questions and armed with a little knowledge, it’s very easy to set up and dial into conference calls from your mobile phone at no extra cost.

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AdminHow to use your mobile for conference calling without paying the price

Inclement weather? Conference call instead

If you think that inclement weather can ruin your chances of clinching a business deal then think again. You always have the choice of teleconferencing services to seal the deal. In fact, no employee could make an excuse of not attending an important meeting, thanks to conference calls . Besides, it is a great way to cut down on travel and accommodation costs where employees are required to travel long distances to attend a meeting, often on the other side of the globe. As businesses continue to embrace the global dynamics of an international market in order to succeed, the demand for teleconference services also increases significantly.

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AdminInclement weather? Conference call instead

International conference call? Tips for the organiser

Multinationals and other international organisations with offices around the globe require cost effective ways to communicate with each other on a regular basis. Hosting regular meetings and conferences where everyone gathers at a specific location is virtually impossible due to the high costs involved in travel and other related expenses. Lack of communication can be detrimental to an organisation as well. To overcome these drawbacks, teleconferencing is an ideal alternative. Hosting international conference calls through teleconference services providers like WHYPAY? is among the best solutions where conference calls can be held at an affordable rate.

Providers of teleconferencing services like WHYPAY? allow you to host up to 50 virtual conference rooms and host instant and hassle free conference calls at any time of the day or night. So, even if your employees are in three separate continents, hosting an international teleconference isn’t difficult at all. In order to ensure that the teleconference gets off to a good start you need to find a time that works for everyone.

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AdminInternational conference call? Tips for the organiser

Is teleconferencing relevant in the 21st century?

Undoubtedly, teleconferencing has changed the way businesses communicate with their employees and customers. With increased competition among businesses and the quest to go global, teleconferencing has become an important aspect of communication. Besides, it is the most interactive way to conduct meetings when employees or customers are located throughout the globe or even in different corners of a county. With teleconferencing services available at affordable prices, it allows for great savings in money and time where participants need not travel to a specific location to attend a meeting.

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AdminIs teleconferencing relevant in the 21st century?

Is there genuinely a free conference call provider?

Conference calls are an essential element in the operations of any business. With a constant need for communication as businesses continue to expand into a global market, many of them have realised the cost effectiveness of teleconferencing. Conference calls help people connect no matter where they are located around the globe. Many providers offer affordable and easy to useteleconferencing services and solutions. While there are several inexpensive options, there are also opportunities to conduct free conference calls.

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AdminIs there genuinely a free conference call provider?

Low cost conference calls: what are my options?

If you are looking for affordable teleconferencing services , your business needn’t look far. There are a host of conference calls service providers that offer great quality at an affordable price. Thanks to a competitive market, providers seek to offer customers better services at an affordable price. Combined with the fact the company can save time as well as money, teleconferencing is one of the most cost effective solutions. Teleconference services providers offer a host of solutions while some offer free conference solutions as well.

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AdminLow cost conference calls: what are my options?

Save time and money with a conference call

Conference call services continue to grow for a variety of reasons. It is important to sustain their domestic and global communication requirements through conference calls. Did you know that many of the top companies save a significant amount of time and money through teleconferencing services? Providers such as WHYPAY? offer various solutions with voice routers that provide crystal clear sound transfer. An increasing of companies have taken advantage of this option in order to enhance their teleconference needs.

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AdminSave time and money with a conference call