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Teleseminars: what are they and where / how can I set one up?

Businesses have a powerful advertising and marketing tool in teleseminars. They are a great way to promote a product or service, and educate customers about them. A teleseminar, also known as a teleconference , is among the fastest and most economical ways to increase sales and build up a brand image.

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GabiTeleseminars: what are they and where / how can I set one up?

How conference calling makes companies more efficient

Many companies do not have the means to spend a large amount on travel expenses in order to meet clients or hold employee meetings at a particular location on a regular basis. This is one of the main reasons why conference calls are gaining popularity, where companies can minimise loss of time and money and still reap the benefits of holding regular meetings. It is possible to consult clients, hold meetings, and engage in product training without having to leave the office. Distance is no longer a barrier, thanks to teleconferencing services. Many providers offer an array of teleconference services at competitive prices.

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GabiHow conference calling makes companies more efficient

The rise of conference calling by SMEs

For employees of small and medium enterprises, face to face meetings are becoming redundant, thanks to conference calls. Many SMEs or small to medium enterprises are encouraged to make use of teleconferencing services in order to save time, a significant amount of money, and do their bit for the environment by reducing carbon footprints that otherwise increase with travel. Holding a conference call today is simple and affordable. Teleconference services providers like WHYPAY? offer clients excellent call quality with loads of extra features to conduct conference calls efficiently. These include call recordings, call scheduling, web conferencing, and much more, which can often be vital to the success of a teleconference.

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GabiThe rise of conference calling by SMEs