How to have more productive conference calls

Conference calls are an integral part of corporate life, although some companies have not yet used it to the best of their advantage. Smart companies have opted for teleconferencing services in order to make the most of their communication needs. Providers of teleconference services like WHPAY? maintain a conference bridge and provide phone numbers to access a conference Call. To begin with, companies need to determine ways to better utilise this service. These calls need to be productive or else it would defeat the purpose of the meeting.

Conference calls allow participants to dial into a specialised piece of equipment that links telephone lines, known as a conference bridge. Alternatively, a dedicated phone number is set up for the purpose. Teleconferencing can be held at any time for a number of purposes including sales representations, client meetings, product training sessions, and project updates, when employees are at different locations. This eliminates costly travel and lodging expenses and allows employees to remain more productive.

For a conference call to be productive, it is important to follow a few guidelines. To begin with, it is important to have an agenda that is circulated to all the parties involved. This ensures that the conference has a structure and allows participants to effectively participate in the discussion since they are prepared in advance. The most important thing is to schedule a conference call only when required. Other matters that can be easily conveyed or resolved can be done by email and other modes of communication.

At the beginning of a conference call, it is essential for everyone to introduce themselves. This will help each participant become familiar with each other’s voices as early as possible. You can use the agenda to explain the purpose of the conference and the manner in which it will be covered during the meeting. When sending the agenda to each participant, establish the timings of the meeting including the break and end time. This will ensure that participants adhere to the timings and let the conference call flow smoothly. Participants must be informed not to shift focus from the meeting and refrain from distractions such as emails and other phone calls.

Participants must also remain focused on the subject matter since time is of the essence. Some issues may require less time to settle than others. Issues that can be resolved offline should be dismissed immediately. It is important for the leader to take control of the conference call so that people attending the teleconference do not feel they are wasting their time. In the end, it is essential to summarise on the proceedings of the meeting so that every participant is aware of the task ahead.

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