Remote Working


Is remote working right for your workplace?

A revolution in the way we work is underway. Remote working is constantly becoming more and more feasible and convenient as technology develops, allowing us to keep in touch and get things done more efficiently, regardless of location. Highly useful tools like conference calling are making remote working easier than ever.

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Gabi JamesIs remote working right for your workplace?

A revolution in work life structure – how the way you work is changing

Technological development is a tidal wave that we have been unable to suppress for decades now, with people constantly thinking creatively, innovatively and practically to take the next step, come up with the next big idea that can make life easier for folk like you and me. But this isn’t all just hypothetical, theoretical, abstract development, and nor is it just revolutionary changes like implanting a camera on the front of a phone to make ‘selfies’ a very real (very prevalent) possibility, or creating social media which allows you to share your #breakfast with the world.

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Gabi JamesA revolution in work life structure – how the way you work is changing

Conference calling for the travelling professional

In our modern, globalised world, we are blessed with the chance to travel all over the planet, taking in all the different cultures, climates and landscapes it has to offer. For some lucky individuals, this opportunity is even offered within their job. If you have the good fortune to fit into this category, you should seriously consider making use of conference calling services available to you. They can be the key to solving the difficulties that being a travelling professional can entail.

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Gabi JamesConference calling for the travelling professional

Conference calling for the environmentally friendly business

We all know how detrimental frequent travel can be for our planet, emitting greenhouse gases and increasing our carbon footprint. In fact, in 2010, transport accounted for a reported 39% of energy consumption in the UK – a massive proportion. Of this, a huge 27% of energy consumption was made up from the emissions of road transportation. The sheer volume of cars at rush hour makes this statistic less surprising for all those of us who commute to work daily and are familiar with the congestion. But what if we could reduce, or completely eliminate, our commute? Conference calling offers one ideal way to do this, and to reduce our negative impact upon the environment.

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Gabi JamesConference calling for the environmentally friendly business

Working from home – an opportunity made possible with conference calling

Conference calls can create and expand possibilities for people who wish, or need, to work from home. For many, working from home can be an ideal situation, or sometimes even the only option. Many life circumstances can make commuting to work every day extremely difficult and inconvenient: young children, disability, living far from the company’s base, having dependent family members or simply working better alone, rather than surrounded by groups of people. Thus, the ability to work from home opens up great professional opportunities for those who may otherwise have very little available to them.

However, while working from home may alleviate some of the pressures and difficulties confronted in the search for a suitable job, it can create new and unique issues. A key problem faced by many working from home is the lack of communication with employers and colleagues. The distance between them, the lack of daily face to face contact, can make workers feel out of the loop and alienated. This lack of communication can lead to high levels of stress, disorganisation and poor productivity for those working from home.

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Gabi JamesWorking from home – an opportunity made possible with conference calling

Will businesses still be conference calling in 5 to 10 years’ time?

Conference calls are currently an undeniably valuable tool to businesses. As technology develops and communication becomes more sophisticated, more and more businesses are beginning to make use of the service. With international business partnerships becoming more commonplace all the time and people’s desire for information growing constantly, conference calling has never been so relevant.

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Gabi JamesWill businesses still be conference calling in 5 to 10 years’ time?

Managing remote staff – the power of conference calling

Employing remote staff can be a wise and beneficial decision both for the employer and the employee. Remote staffing offers a great employment opportunity for people who are skilled and committed workers, but perhaps more suited to introverted work than contributing to a wider team. It is also an ideal solution for people who are not easily able to travel to work for any reason, including having young children or a disability.

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Gabi JamesManaging remote staff – the power of conference calling

Weekly sales conference call for road warriors? A cheap and convenient solution for mobile access to conference services

For road warriors, jet lag and insomnia are two things they need to battle with when on the move. Running a successful business depends a great deal on the sales force that pushes your product or service. The need for the travelling salesman will never fade, but when it comes to meetings, teleconferencing is a cheaper and convenient solution. Sales employees can use their mobile phones to attend a teleconference , which is today a cost-effective solution to host meetings without the need for travel.

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Gabi JamesWeekly sales conference call for road warriors? A cheap and convenient solution for mobile access to conference services

Which job types conference call the most?

Conference calls are used for various purposes today. In a global market where companies vie for a niche in their industry, the need for faster and quicker communication is much greater. Teleconferencing allows people to attend important meetings without the need to leave their desk. This obviously results in a lot of savings in terms of money, and time as well. Teleconferencing services are commonly used by businesses although they are used for entertainment and social purposes as well.

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Elliot GreenWhich job types conference call the most?

Conference calling and your business

Teleconferencing has always been a great way to cut down on unnecessary costs, which might otherwise adversely affect a business. Travelling, checking into hotels, attending lengthy business meetings, following up on the meetings etc are a serious drain of resources. Using a conference call ensures that you do not waste time, money or energy to meet a prospective client or discuss the potential for growth with an existing one. Teleconference services have grown over the last decade as more and more businesses turn to using this extremely effective tool, which guarantees returns with minimal wastage.

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Elliot GreenConference calling and your business