Conference call number: Genuinely free & reliable options

When it comes to conference call numbers, there is lots of variety. We have the good fortune to be flooded with options in most areas of life, and telecommunications is no exception. There are loads of conference call providers, and different ways of hosting or joining teleconferences. Therefore, to simplify your decision, we try to gauge some of the best services available. Sometimes, it just takes a little nudge to even consider your options if your company has an established call conferencing technique. A lot of people don’t look at alternatives to PowWowNow, for example, because it’s always worked well enough. But trying other services can lead to benefits such as more desirable features, improved easy of use, or clearer connection quality when you’re taking part in a telephone conference.

Get your free conference call number with WHYPAY?

How to set up your WHYPAY? account

We really believe that conference calling services should be easy to use. That’s why we work hard to be the simplest and quickest teleconferencing provider around! To start, all you have to do is click the button below.

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You can also just head to the homepage and go from there. Setting up your account is really quick and straightforward. We only need a few basic details so we can give you the access details, like the conference call number and PIN.

Once you’ve filled in your email address, phone number, name and a password, you’ll have your free conference call room! If you’re interested in upgrading, or there are specific features you need, you can look at our different plans and features. There are two paid options, as well as the one which will always be totally free. You can choose what fits best.

Putting your WHYPAY? conference call number to action

Probably all of 90 seconds has gone by, and you’ve now got your WHYPAY? account and conference call meeting room ready. Now what?

Hosting your first conference call is simple. You can plan ahead, and even use our nifty integration tools to schedule the conference call in your calendar software. Or you can wing it and use reservationless conference calling for all your impromptu audio meetings. The conference call room is yours and free to use as often as you like, for as long as you like!

Joining the teleconference is easy. To start, dial the conference call number from any phone. It can be a landline, a smart phone, a mobile on pretty much any UK plan. Even Giff Gaff users – who have struggled to make group calls – can do so with WHYPAY?. And international conference calling is easily available, too!

Once you’ve dialled the conference call number, you’ll enter your room number and secure PIN. You’ll have these in advance, don’t worry! And you can share them with other participants manually, or using our invitation tools. They just ensure you’re accessing the right room, and only the right people are doing so. After all, we take our users’ security and privacy very seriously.

That’s all there is to it! A conference call number, a room number, a PIN and you’re in. Chat, plan and deliberate to your hearts’ content.


What’s special about a WHYPAY? conference call number?

Given there are so many options out there, how do you narrow down what kind of conference call number to use? Why should you choose WHYPAY? We don’t like to brag too much, so you can look to our Trustpilot reviews to hear all about how reliable our teleconferences are.

A slightly more objective reason, though, is the type of conference call number we use. All WHYPAY? teleconferencing rooms are accessed by dialling an 03 number. That’s no accident. Back in 2007, Ofcom ruled that 03 numbers had to be charged the same as standard landlines. If people called from a mobile, the calls are included in the bundled minutes that come in the contract.


Save yourself and your participants money

There are other providers whose teleconferencing rooms are accessed using premium rate numbers. This can rack up hefty bills for you and everyone else dialling in.

084 numbers bring a service charge of up to 7p per minute, while 087 numbers  reach 13p per minute. Choose a number beginning 09 and conference calls can cost callers up to £3.60 for every minute! There can also be a one-off charge, ranging massively between 5p and £6. With these figures, a single audio meeting can become very expensive. If you’re planning recurring conference calls on premium-rate lines, you’ll see your budget take a hit.

With WHYPAY?, there’s no service-charge, access fee, or per-minute cost. If you choose the free plan, conference calling with us won’t cost you a penny. Unsurprisingly, the savings you stand to make by choosing WHYPAY? are huge!

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In fact, callers saved nearly £1.5 million in September alone. If you’re curious about how we work these numbers out, it’s broken down for you here. Essentially, we looked at 7 alternative conference call services, none of which provide a conference call number that’s free to call, unless you pay a subscription fee. Save yourself the hassle and money and choose WHYPAY?.


Non-geographic conference call number

The great thing about 03 numbers for businesses is that they’re still non-geographic. That’s what differentiates them from standard landlines – the numbers you call friends and family on, beginning 01 or 02. Choosing a conference call number that starts 03 means you aren’t tying your company to a specific location. That can help retain a sense of nation-wide presence and prestige. But you’re not making your participants pay to keep that image, as you would with a premium rate conference call number.

Incidentally, if conveying a professional image is a priority in your conference calling needs, you might like our custom branding. The Pro plan allows has lots of customisable features to help you make a great impression.


You can have your own, unique conference call number

As part of the custom branding features, you have the option to set up a private conference bridge. And don’t worry, it’s not a complicated process. By simply setting up your account with a Pro plan, you’ll get a unique conference call number. Essentially, the phone number belongs only to you, just like your personal mobile number. Calls to accounts on other packages are directed via the conference room number and PIN. But lots of callers to lots of rooms are ringing the first phone number initially, before entering these details. The dial-in number for Pro users, though, will only ever reach their rooms.


Evidently, the conference call number you have matters. It affects how much your teleconferences cost you and your participants. It can also alter people’s perceptions of your company. The simple fact of actively choosing an 03 conference call number, which is free to dial, tells callers you’re prioritising them, and taking care of the company’s budget. That can mean a lot to people! And if you really want to make a stellar impression, you can even have your own dedicated conference call number, more easily and cheaply than people tend to think!

Sign up today and enjoy the best type of conference call number available. With all the benefits of conference calling, you’ll never look back – or put down the phone. Hey, it’s free, after all.

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AdminConference call number: Genuinely free & reliable options
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