Reservationless conference calling: Your best friend, in business & leisure

A good teleconferencing system is at your beck and call 24/7. Always ready and waiting.

Much like a loyal pooch, your WHYPAY? telephone conference room is at your service with the click of your fingers (or a few taps of your smartphone). It asks for nothing in return for the service (it’s free to set up and use), and it’s always ready and waiting for you to dial-in with colleagues or friends on-demand.

Once you’ve created a WHYPAY? conference room it’s permanently yours. All you need to start a conference is…

  • Your dial-in number
  • Your room number
  • Your PIN

Simply share these details with your conference participants and dial in any time of day, any day of the week. You can re-use the same details again and again. Simples.


Why did we build WHYPAY? like this?

On demand is more than a ‘buzz’ idea right now – it’s a necessity. And reservationless conference calling is perhaps telecommunications’ most powerful on demand capability. The world, particularly the business realm, is increasingly fast-paced. Development is constant, with revolutionary innovations and ideas sprouting every day. Huge changes can happen in a heartbeat, and failing to keep up can spell disaster for companies in countless fields.

And given communication is a universally-acknowledged pillar of success, being able to get in touch with your team quickly and effectively is vital. That’s where reservationless conference calling comes in. In a few seconds, you can be on the phone with your whole team, ready to tackle whatever this lightning-speed world throws.

A dispersed work-force

One area of change which has perhaps made immediate communication trickier is the growing trend of flexible working. More and more, employers are adopting a less rigid attitude to how people work. This is in part due to a stronger focus on physical and psychological well-being, and the toll which endless hours in an office can take on both. We also seem to be placing greater value on interpersonal relationships. We all want more time to spend with loved ones.

Aside from the less financially-motivated reasons to embrace flexible working, it can also boost productivity. A happier workforce is generally more productive, and work patterns that suit one person might not be right for another. It’s not altogether surprising, then, that people who are able to work remotely tend to be more productive than their office-bound counterparts. One survey found remote workers rank their productivity as high as 7.7 out of 10, compared with 6.5 for those in an office.

But being a good employer to remote staff has its own demands. Making sure everybody feels in the loop means establishing strong communication channels from the outset. And while there are lots of great, affordable communication tools out there, sometimes you can’t replace a real-time, verbal conversation.


Reservationless conference calling makes teamwork easy

We all know two heads are better than one. And five tend to be better than two. Different people have different strengths and areas of expertise. As most projects are multi-faceted, they’ll often involve several people. Many project teams actually have members from different areas or departments. You might need somebody from IT, a marketing expert, a specialist in finance and a creative. All these people might not work in the same area, floor, or even building. But they still need to be able to share ideas and progress reports effectively.

In these situations, you could look at some brilliant free meeting locations. That would still require all team members to live in the same area and work largely on the same schedule. But if you’re spread over the country, or one of you is a carer to young children or elderly parents, being able to stroll to the local park in the middle of the afternoon might prove complicated.

With reservationless conference calling, you’ll be able to chat to your whole team from wherever you might be, whenever you like. That means that even if one person is working on the project as a freelancer on top of a full-time job, you can still share debriefs and updates in the evenings or early mornings.


Make your commutes productive and your days run smoothly with reservationless conference calling

Of course, a risk of holding regular meetings outside of office-hours is that you do severely cut into your personal time. This can somewhat defeat one of the main points of flexible working. But thanks to reservationless conference calling, you can make otherwise wasted moments valuable, rather than giving up valuable moments with family.

If you’re often stuck in traffic on your way to work, you should probably think about conference calling more. Not only are you wasting time, but we should all be doing our bit to cut down carbon emissions. If the Extinction Rebellion has one main point, it’s that it’s time for proactive change.

Still, we know a little bit of commuting is probably unavoidable for most people still. So you could listen to that same news report for the fifth time, and hate yourself for singing along to the insurance jingle. Or you could hold a reservationless conference call. It would be pretty easy to send out an email over your morning coffee asking your colleagues to join the call in an hour or so. Using your hands-free, you could then all spend your respective journeys productively. Once the call’s done, you can finish up the commute thinking over what’s been said and next steps. That way, you all arrive at your offices full of ideas and raring to go. Sounds much better than still blinking blearily through the barrage of inane breakfast radio as you stick the office kettle on!


Any setting can be the backdrop to success

Sometimes a change of scene and a freshly brewed cup of coffee is all it takes to give you a revolutionary idea. We might add that a nice slice of cake doesn’t hurt, either… Getting into a new space can totally shake up your perspective and let you think outside the box.

With reservationless conference calling, you can have this fresh perspective even during meetings. This can give you a whole new attitude, and change the whole tone of the meeting. Maybe a leisurely walk around the duck pond will become your key to perfect business meetings! Or perhaps you get your best ideas in bed. Reservationless conference calling gives you the opportunity to explore different options and find what works best for you.

Or say inspiration does unexpectedly strike as you’re sipping lemonade in your garden. You can easily whip out your mobile phone, create your conference call and have your team on the line in a matter of minutes. No more scribbling thoughts down haphazardly and trying to decipher them days later. Gone are the days of scrabbling to remember your ideas days later when you can finally get together. With reservationless conference calling, you really can seize the moment and act when inspiration strikes.


Reservationless conference calls mean clear communication

Of course, instant communication is not a revolutionary development. We’re nearly into our third decade of the twenty-first century. We’re all familiar with instant messaging. And don’t get us wrong, there are lots of great options even specifically for businesspeople. The popularity of services like Slack and Asana make that clear. These kinds of tools have really proven that digital communication is vital for success.

But there are situations in which the spoken word is easier and clearer. It’s how we naturally express ourselves from infancy, so it makes sense that instinctively, it’s our go-to. Sure, you can fire off an IM in seconds and have an email drafted with a few quick thumb-twiddles, but these channels can also cause confusion and miscommunication – particularly when speed comes into play. It’s so easy to send something off with confusing typos, or paste the wrong link or information into a message.

Reservationless conference calling avoids these potentially disastrous mistakes. With an audio meeting, you get all the convenience of immediacy and geographical distance that messaging provides, without giving up the clarity of spoken conversation.


You can have totally reservationless conference calling totally free of charge

A lot of people worry that if they want the features that really make life easier, they’ll have to fork out for them. It’s one of the misconceptions that makes some question whether genuinely free conference calling exists. Luckily, there are conference call providers who believe you shouldn’t have to pay for great communication.

That’s the basic philosophy behind WHYPAY?. We offer genuinely free conference calls without the restrictions which other service providers impose to force users onto expensive plans. Our conference call rooms allow up to 50 participants to communicate for up to 8 hours at a time. Of course, they can also be accessed with no need for reservation!

There are no fees involved in setting up a reservationless conference room with WHYPAY?. The core features are all FREE, so you needn’t part with a penny. And for most callers, the phone call itself is free too!


Reservationless conference calling is easy and accessible

It’s as simple as visiting the WHYPAY? homepage or clicking on the button below.

Create a FREE Teleconference

Just enter a few basic details so we can share the access information, and your totally free conference call room will be generated. You’ll receive the room number and secure PIN, as well as the phone number you need to dial. This audio meeting room is now yours to use as you wish. You can hold as many meetings for as long as you like, as often as you like, and with as many people as you like. It will be there ready and waiting whenever your heart desires. Given how many uses there are for group phone calls, it might be very often.

To dial in, simply call the number provided, enter your unique room number and the PIN and you’re set!

While some companies might like the option of conference call phones, they aren’t necessary for WHYPAY? conferences. Participants can dial in from their mobile or landline, meaning you really can join the conversation no matter your situation.


Reservationless conference calling can change your life

Maybe you learn to embrace flexible working, replace some of your meetings with conference calls, ensure you never lose another brilliant idea or simply enjoy knowing that you’re reducing your carbon footprint. Reservationless conference calling means freedom, communication and collaboration. It allows the flexibility and speed so vital to modern-day success. Try it today by setting up for your free WHYPAY? account.

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