Are you traveling to meetings in the heat? Hold a FREE conference call instead

Anybody familiar with a commute to work – or, in fact, any use of public transport – knows only too well that no matter how unpleasant it may normally seem, it can always get worse. It can get hot. Many commuters rely on crammed, stuffy trains filled with people so impatient and frustrated they practically radiate their own heat. And while using public transport is good for our planet,  travelling on a hot train is far from the ideal way to spend the short-lived summer we experience in the UK. Not that cars are much better either, sitting in standstill traffic with the sun beating down on you and baking you in your own vehicle…nobody wants it.

Luckily, there is an alternative to this cruel, sweltering fate. Replace meetings with conference calls and cut out the unnecessary travelling for everybody. That way, you have much longer to make the most of the good weather in ways more enjoyable than commuting. Because of the flexibility and mobility of a conference call you can drop into a conference meeting from almost anywhere. Ask yourself, do you really need to carry out your next meeting in person? Or would a conference call suffice?

With WHYPAY? you can get unlimited free conference calling right from your mobile at the simple click of a button. If you follow a few conference calling tips,  you can remove the need to travel anywhere at all, and still make important business decisions and exchange information in a productive manner. WHYPAY? can even send out email invitations for you, disclosing the conference call room number and personal, secure access PIN, as well as the time and date of the call, so you can be sure that everybody is on board and able to participate in the virtual meeting. And if it’s a particularly sensitive or confidential discussion that needs to take place, there are measures you can take to make your conference call more secure.

This summer, set up a conference call instead. WHYPAY? is incredibly easy to use and totally free, there’s no disadvantage to it! What’s more, you won’t just be doing yourself a favour, all your colleagues will thank you too and, perhaps even more importantly, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint by teleconferencing, something that is all too often overlooked in business. Make your meeting more environmentally friendly, more enjoyable and more productive by allowing people to participate from the comfort of their homes!

AdminAre you traveling to meetings in the heat? Hold a FREE conference call instead
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