How to dial into a conference call using Skype

In short, it is possible to dial into a conference call using Skype. Your method will vary depending on whether or not everybody on the call uses Skype already. If they don’t, it’s a little trickier. But with Skype credits, you and your guests can still dial into a conference call using Skype!

At WHYPAY?, we know the versatility of conference calls. This is true in a few ways. One important aspect of teleconferencing’s adaptability is the many ways it’s accessible. That’s why a lot of people are curious about how to join a conference call on Skype. If you can access WHYPAY? teleconferences from a mobile or a landline, can you also dial in via Skype? After all, another component of teleconferencing’s versatility is the many alternative conference call providers out there. People want to find the path to teleconferencing that’s most convenient for them and their participants, and for some people, that means they want to dial into a conference call using Skype.

Why is conference calling so versatile?

Part of the reason we think teleconferencing should be so flexible is the actual fact of its flexibility! Because there are many great uses of group phone calls, there are people from all walks of life using them. These different people have different preferences and capacities for dialling into teleconferences. And if you’re sceptical about just how many people use conference calls, maybe you haven’t yet realised how useful teleconferencing is outside of business.

For any group of people which communicates (i.e. anyone and everyone), group calls are wonderful tools. That’s also true in the sense of the wonderful things they can do. Conference calls for charities and non-profits, and NHS conference calls, show just how much good can be achieved through teleconferencing.


Can you dial into a conference call using Skype?

The short answer, as you’ve read, is yes! But there’s more to it. There are a couple of different ways to dial into a conference call using Skype. Next, we’ll compare the two ways to join a conference call on Skype. That way you can decide which model of the Skype conference call dial in fits your needs best. Then, we’ll look at alternative ways of conference calling without Skype.

Hosting a conference call with Skype users

The simplest method for Skype conference calls requires that all participants have Skype accounts. If they do, hosting a group call is pretty easy.

In your Skype window, go to the Contacts page. There, you will see an icon labelled ‘Group’. Click that to create a new group. Then you’ll be able to drag contacts from your contacts list into the empty group area. Of course, that means all participants will need to be Skype users, and have shared their Skype account details with you.

Once you’ve dragged all your desired participants into the group, you’re ready to join your conference call on Skype! All you have to do is click ‘Call Group’ to initiate the Skype conference call. In that way, you will kind of dial into a conference call using Skype.

The downside of this option is that not everybody has Skype. Depending on your relationship with the participants, you might not feel comfortable asking them to create an account solely for the teleconference. There’s also the question of having you as a contact in Skype. Again, depending on context, people might be wary of adding each other on this platform, if it feels like it’s crossing a boundary into more personal territory between people who might be perfect strangers in a very professional, even hierarchical relationship.


How to dial into a conference call using Skype if not everybody has Skype

In many groups of people, there will be at least somebody who doesn’t use Skype. This can make it more complicated to dial into a conference call using Skype. But if you’re completely convinced you want to use this specific group calling service, there are still ways to do it!

To join a Skype conference call including non-Skype users, you will need to have Skype credit or a Skype subscription. Unfortunately that means that – unlike free conference calls with WHYPAY? – this option will cost money.

The process is still quite straightforward. You create the group from the Contacts page, just as if everybody was a Skype contact. There are two ways of adding the non-Skype users. Firstly, you can save their phone number to your contacts list, and drag them in like the others. Alternatively, you can click the ‘+’ button and type their phone numbers in.

Again, you’ll then just click ‘Call Group’ to dial into a conference call using Skype. As the host, you’ll effectively be placing a call to each of the non-Skype users’ phone numbers. While the call to Skype accounts is free, you’ll be paying for every participant who’s joining the call from a mobile or landline.

The downside

If you’re using Skype credit, having participants using their mobiles will cost you 7.5p per participant per minute. If you’re conference calling as often as you should be, that can really start to rack up.

Another option is to pay for a Skype subscription. If every time you dial into a conference call using Skype you plan to have only UK participants, you can choose the cheaper UK only option. That comes in at £5 per month. But that will only get you 400 minutes per month – and they still aren’t free! On top of the £5, calls will cost you an additional 1.3p per participant per minute. There are a few different plans to explore, so you can see what’s best for you if you’re sure you want to dial into a conference call using Skype.

Bear in mind that if you require international conference calling, it will be considerably more expensive. These calls are 50p per minute, and that’s only if you use a minimum of 2000 minutes each month, and pay the more expensive World subscription.


Can you dial into a WHYPAY? conference call using Skype?

What if you or one of your team is already one of the many loyal WHYPAY? callers leaving us lovely Trustpilot reviews? Don’t worry, you can access our conference call rooms using Skype too!

After all, you join WHYPAY? teleconferences using a normal 03 telephone number. That’s why we’re so easily (and freely) accessible for almost all users.

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To join a WHYPAY? conference call on Skype, simply open up the dial-pad in your Skype window. From there, dial in the 03 conference call number. After that, use the keypad to enter the meeting room number and the secure PIN, and you’ll be on the conference call!

So even if the hosts choose an external teleconference bridge, you can still dial into a conference call using Skype. Provided you can access the audio meeting with a conference call telephone number, you can do so via Skype. Bear in mind, though, that this method will also require Skype credit or a Skype subscription, and Skype will charge you for every minute spent on the call.


Why not use Skype?

Although it’s perfectly possible to dial into a conference call using Skype, you should at least consider the alternatives. If you’re hosting the call, this route can incur unnecessary costs. Unless all your participants are Skype contacts, you’ll have to pay to call each of them.

If you do use an external teleconferencing service like WHYPAY?, it might be worth leaving Skype out of the equation. With WHYPAY?, instead of the host calling all the participants at once, each participant will dial in when they’re ready.

That doesn’t mean shifting the expense onto your callers! At least, it doesn’t have to. With some teleconferencing providers, callers are charged to participate. But WHYPAY? is categorically not one of these providers.


Genuinely free conference calling

As we mentioned, participants dial into WHYPAY? conference calls by ringing an 03 number. These are included in the bundled minutes people get in their mobile and landline contracts. Essentially, they don’t pay a penny to be on the teleconference.

Hosting can be free, too. We have a Free plan which means by simply making an account, you’ll have your very own, totally free conference call room! You can have anywhere up to 50 participants, and have the option to schedule conference calls in advance, or hold reservationless conference calls.

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If you’d like more features, like a private conference call bridge or custom branded conference calls, you can look at our other plans. They’re really affordable and bring a host of excellent features.


In short, it’s entirely possible to dial into a conference call using Skype. There are several methods, and you can even access your WHYPAY? teleconference from your Skype account. But if you want to ensure the call is free for hosts and participants alike, you might prefer to use a service like WHYPAY?. It’s easily accessible, easy to use, and genuinely free!

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