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How to set up a conference call that’s free to join

It’s no surprise so many people want to know how to set up a free conference call. Two trends in business life are converging to raise the conference call to its rightful place upon the throne of communications technology. First there’s the decline of the office. More and more, people are opting for more flexible approaches to work. Many are self-employed or freelance, and can desk-surf or cafe-hop to their hearts’ content.

Teams are also embracing remote working and less conventional meeting spaces – and there are some great free meeting locations! Secondly, we’re recognising the importance of collaboration, whether it be internal or with different organisations. So with teleconferencing becoming such a huge part of our daily working lives, we all need to know how it fits into our budget.

Actually, it doesn’t have to! In this post, we’ll tell you how to set up a conference call, for free. It really is easy.

Step 1: Create a free WHYPAY? account

The first thing you need to do to set up a free conference call is create your account with WHYPAY?. It’s completely free to do. We won’t even ask you for any payment details, so you know there are no hidden costs.

To set up your account, just head to the WHYPAY? homepage. There, you click the button to ‘Create a FREE Conference’. All you have to do is fill in some basic details. It’s all stuff you almost definitely know off the top of your head, so no long or tricky quizzes to contend with.

Step 2: Locate your permanent conference dial-in details

This bit is a pretty easy step in setting up a free conference call. Once you’re logged in to your WHYPAY? account, you’ll see a button labelled ‘ACCOUNT’. From there, head to ‘DASHBOARD’.

In your dashboard, you can easily see your conference dial-in details. You’ll just need to click the large button which says ‘Conference rooms’. This will take you to a page with all of your existing rooms. The details will be clearly laid out on this page, under the ‘Room summary’ tab. Here you’ll find the number you need to dial, your unique room number, and the PIN needed to enter the room.

These are the three numbers you need to access your free conference call room. And you can do that at any time, there’s no need to reserve your conference call room. It’s yours to use as and when you wish. Real, on-demand conference calls. You won’t need to set up a conference call again, because the details are there and ready.

Step 3: Set up your conference call by picking your guests

Although you definitely don’t need to reserve your audio meeting room, you might know when you want to have your call. With WHYPAY?, setting up a conference call, including the sending out automatic invitations, is easy and helpful.

To set up the free conference call’s time and participants, start from the ‘Conference rooms’ page. On the room summary, you’ll see a green button labelled ‘Schedule a conference’. Unsurprisingly, that’s the one you want to hit to set up a free conference call!

The first thing is to choose who will be joining your newly set up conference call. You can enter participants’ email addresses, and WHYPAY? will send out handy invitations with the time of the call and the dial-in details. There’s even a speed-dial function, to make it easy for guests to join your free conference call! All it takes is the push of one button.

If you’ve opted for either of our paid packages, you’ll also have the additional moderator features. Moderators get a little more control over the call, special keypad controls and advanced muting modes. When you set up the conference call, you can choose which participants are guests, and which are moderators. Moderators will be given a different access PIN, so they’ll have more controls from the moment they enter the room!

Step 4: Set up the time of your free conference call

This step is also optional – as we said, you can choose to dial in to your conference call room whenever you like. But if you’re scheduling a specific meeting, you probably know when you want it to happen. As you set up the free conference call, the next step after adding participants is picking the time.

From the page you were on when adding your guests, simply scroll down. Directly below you will see ‘Conference scheduling’. Make sure the toggle is switched to ‘On’. Then you’ll be able to select your date, time, and duration. If you’re making use of international conference calling with WHYPAY?, you’ll also want to make doubly sure you select the right time zone.


Step 5: Set up your free conference call in your calendar

Here again, WHYPAY? has made things really easy for you. WHYPAY? includes a handy calendar attachment in its invitations, which you can input directly into your calendar software on your phone, computer or tablet. Your invitees will have the same option. That way, when it’s nearly time for the call, you get a helpful reminder. The calendar event will include the dial-in details too, so you’ll be able to join the meeting quickly and easily.

Step 6: Dial into your free conference call

You don’t need any special equipment to join a WHYPAY? conference call. Even as the host, any phone will do. While you can join using a swanky conference call phone if you’d like, there’s no need. It’s like placing any other call.

Once you’ve set up a free conference call with WHYPAY?, you and your participants will be able to dial in from any mobile or landline handy. Simply dial the 03 number, and input your unique conference room number when prompted. After this, you just need to type the secure PIN into your phone’s keypad, and you’re in.

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How can I be sure I’ve set up a free conference call?

Every WHYPAY? conference call, no matter what plan the organiser on, is accessed using an 03 dial-in number. This is the telephone number beginning with 03.

The prefix is crucial, because it’s the magic ingredient which makes WHYPAY? conference calls free. Every time you set up a conference call with WHYPAY?, you know participants won’t have to pay to join your meeting.

According to Ofcom regulations, 03 numbers must be charged at the standard landline rate. Almost all phone plans now include standard geographic numbers in callers’ bundled minutes, and so 03 numbers are included too. That means that if you have any bundled minutes available, the call won’t cost you a penny.

Tips for the perfect conference call

We know that you want to know more than just how to set up a free conference call. You want to have the most productive business meetings possible. And of course, you want your participants to feel comfortable throughout. We’re here to help.

Location matters

The most basic starting point after you’ve set up a free conference call is deciding where you’ll be when it happens. It might seem minor compared to the meaty content of the teleconference, but your location can make or break the call. Of course, it also depends on the nature of the audio meeting. If it’s something relatively informal, you don’t need to worry so much. For example, if you’re catching up with far-flung family or having a weekly debrief with a handful of colleagues, something like our cafe/cake conference call tour might be suitable.

But conference calls have many uses, and each one has different needs. For some inspiration, you can look at our favourite free meeting locations.

Given you’re setting up a conference call, the crucial thing is what can be heard. Always aim to be in the quietest place possible. Think carefully about whether the silence will last, too. Is it contingent upon your toddler conforming to his or her napping schedule? Might your dog become suddenly ravenous? Does your neighbour have a penchant for midweek mowing?

Obviously, some noise is inevitable and there are factors beyond our control. But if you know you’re unlikely to get peace, move somewhere different. After all, that’s the beauty of being able to set up a free conference call from your mobile!

Create a FREE Teleconference

Mind your manners

To make sure your participants are at ease, you should get clued up on conference call etiquette. Things that might seem obvious can be easily forgotten, especially when we aren’t face to face. And things that seem minor can make a world of difference.

Making sure you’re on time is a good place to start. It can be really awkward waiting around on a call for the host to arrive and get things started. And it certainly doesn’t make a great first impression.

As people join the call, introduce them! It’s basic manners in day-to-day life, but it can be overlooked as people aren’t physically entering a room. Make your introductions thoughtful and relevant. Include people’s names and maybe a personal detail or two, but always be sure to explain their role and why they’re in today’s meeting.

Knowing how and when to use your mute button – and remembering during the call – is also vital. It can stop those pesky background noises becoming a nuisance. It also means if you follow our cake-tour example, you can chow down without putting people off with the sound of your chewing.

Plan ahead

We all know how important prior preparation is. It’s no different with teleconferences. Planning the perfect conference call can take time and effort, but it will make things so much smoother and more efficient. With our guide, you’ll be able to put together a complete agenda for the conference call you set up. After this, make sure you mind your manners again and share! You’ve put in the hard work to make your agenda, so don’t let it go unseen. Circulate the document to all the participants, so they know what to expect and can themselves plan and prepare accordingly.

Stick to the plan

Equally important is actually using your plan. It should have laid out everything from topics to timings, and you should stick to these as closely as possible. You certainly don’t want to overrun, as this really is poor manners, and can mean people aren’t able to stay until the end of the call. It can also be really frustrating, or even anxiety-producing, to not follow the order as it was set out. While new information or unforeseen complications can mean that a change in agenda is necessary – and flexibility is a vital part of business – if you can follow your plan, your participants will thank you for it.

Learn to moderate

You might be a natural born leader, and you might be really used to heading up meetings. But conference calls require a specific skill-set. There are more features to think about, and the lack of body language and facial expressions. So learn to hear non-verbal communication, to maintain understanding and control of what’s happening during your meeting. Likewise, make sure you get to grips with different moderator controls that will be at your disposal.

You’ve set up a free conference call, but are there compromises?

Once people realise that conference calls really can be free, there can still be hesitation. What holds people back when considering whether to set up a free conference call? Well, people think if it’s free, it must be inferior. People are also reluctant to make changes. That old adage of ‘if it ain’t broke…’ can really hold people back from better things. In the world of telecommunications, it means things like not considering alternatives to obvious choices like PowWowNow.

WHYPAY? shows that free doesn’t need to mean worse. In fact, Trustpilot backs us up on this. if you look at our ratings and reviews, we outperform competitors who are charging for their services. With WHYPAY?, you get quality and reliability without having to part with a penny.

So don’t think twice! Why not set up a free conference call today? You’ll see just how much it could change your business, and even your life.

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