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How to set up a free conference call

By now, most people have heard of the wonders of free conference calling. Many questions have been rattling around, like how a conference call can really be free, how to find the ones that are free, whether a company can make money from offering free conference calls, who free conference calls are useful to (answer: everyone. Students, teachers, prayer groups, bands, sportspeople, and many more have all found great, innovative, and helpful ways to make the most of these services), and why anybody would pay for a conference call if you can actually get them for free.

These are all valid questions, generally with straightforward answers, and you should certainly be informed before you make any conference calling decisions. For example, think carefully about what your needs are. If they are quite specialist, you might want to consider what you get when you do pay for conference calls. Not all special features are offered for free. You also need to look carefully at how many participants and how many minutes different providers will allow you.

If you do your research and realise that free conference calling could change your life, you need to figure out how to go about organising your first one. Thankfully, there are websites which make this process really easy. With WHYPAY?, for example, you simply hit the Big Green Button on the homepage, and your secure PIN and conference room number will be immediately generated and displayed, along with the 03 telephone number you need to dial to access the conference call.

Create a FREE Teleconference

Once you have these three precious numbers, you just need to invite your guests. There are plenty of simple ways of doing this. Firstly, you can simply make a note of the access number, room number, and PIN, and copy it into an email with your participants, along with the time of the conference call.

Alternatively, you can use WHYPAY?’s scheduling feature. This sends out an automated email to all of your invited participants containing the access information, and the time and date of the call. Your invitees can also download automatic calendar attachments, which means that the conference call will simply appear in their calendars on their smartphones or computers. That way, they’ll get reminders ahead of the conference call, so there’s no excuse for missing the meeting! Even better, they can dial into the conference room right from the calendar attachment, so they don’t have to check different numbers against each other or try to retain the information in their heads. Simply tap the phone number which is saved into the calendar event, and your phone will start dialling in. WHYPAY? fills in all the necessary information, so you’ll always know which conference call room is which. If the voice meeting is going to be a recurring thing, whether daily, weekly, or monthly, the scheduling features can allow for this, too. The call room will be ready and waiting at the allocated account, and the reminders or emails will be repeated at the necessary times.

Then it’s just a case of deciding what features you do or don’t want for your conference calls. WHYPAY? offers free call recording on conference calls, a feature which has a lot more benefits than you might immediately realise: it adds security, ensures you don’t forget important details, and can be sent out to participants so that they can listen back over instructions and so on. You might also want to turn on participant announcements, so that everybody knows exactly who is in the conference call at any given moment.

Even when you’re not paying, there is a lot of flexibility in your conference calling. Plenty of options are available to fit different needs, and scheduling features mean even the least tech-savvy or most forgetful can quickly dial into a conference call the moment their reminder pops up. With all these convenient features, and absolutely no expenses, there’s no reason not to use a service like WHYPAY?, and nobody who wouldn’t be able to find a great use for it.

Create a FREE Teleconference
GabiHow to set up a free conference call
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