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The mute button – how and when to use it

Technology has been racing through massive advancements during the past few decades like never before. Our world is not the same as our grandparents’, and the business world is no exception; with new technology becoming a part of everyday routine, from emails to conference calls, there is a whole new set of rules and etiquette for the workforce to learn. One particular issue that has been uncovered as of great importance is the use of the mute button during a teleconference – how and when should you use it?

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AdminThe mute button – how and when to use it

Will the telephone ever die out?

Over recent years, telephone calls have slowly declined in popularity. Instant messaging, emails, and video conferences have all played a huge role in this, in some circumstances providing a more convenient or appropriate method of communication. So the question is, will telephones move on to the realms of out-dated technology, the forgotten toys, an obsolete, archaic invention in the eyes of future generations?

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AdminWill the telephone ever die out?

Why call recording is so useful

The option to record telephone calls has, for many, been a revolutionary development in technology. It is one of the most wonderfully simple, life-changingly useful functions that have been created in recent years. If your reaction to this is surprise or skepticism, you should give call recording a try the next time you hold a professional phone call. It is a feature that you can now try for free through WHYPAY?, adding an extra bonus to your next free conference call.

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AdminWhy call recording is so useful

Conference calls are happening everywhere – take a look

Conference calls have become one of the staple tools for businesses all over the world in all types of field. For many, they are an essential, invaluable part of running their company. From holding interviews to giving presentations to keeping team members in the loop, there is no doubt as to the utility of conference calling in the business world.

However, this is by no means all the conference call has to offer. In fact, if you look closely you will see how it is being put to use in many different walks of life. A quick browse of recent news would be enough to prove that.

The world of politics certainly sees a great deal of teleconferencing going on. The infamous selfie of David Cameron discussing the situation in Ukraine with Barack Obama is a clear indication of the huge role telecommunications play in world politics, offering a means of clear and direct communication in an emergency, without wasting time travelling overseas.

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AdminConference calls are happening everywhere – take a look

Conference calling for the environmentally friendly business

We all know how detrimental frequent travel can be for our planet, emitting greenhouse gases and increasing our carbon footprint. In fact, in 2010, transport accounted for a reported 39% of energy consumption in the UK – a massive proportion. Of this, a huge 27% of energy consumption was made up from the emissions of road transportation. The sheer volume of cars at rush hour makes this statistic less surprising for all those of us who commute to work daily and are familiar with the congestion. But what if we could reduce, or completely eliminate, our commute? Conference calling offers one ideal way to do this, and to reduce our negative impact upon the environment.

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AdminConference calling for the environmentally friendly business

5 ways to get the most out of your next conference call

Many people are wary of conference calls, put off by preconceptions of an awkward, less productive experience than a face to face meeting would be. However, following these 5 tips for conference calling can help ensure your next teleconference runs smoothly, achieves its aim and avoids time being wasted.

1. Location

Before the conference call even begins, you should think carefully about where you are. Aim for a place with minimal background noise, and where you feel comfortable to talk freely. Minimise your distractions and make yourself comfortable so the conference call gets your full attention. Bustling offices or houses filled with children are not ideal, so try to find yourself some peace for the call’s duration.

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Admin5 ways to get the most out of your next conference call

Conference calls as follow-up

From youth, we all learn that there are some situations in which a phone call simply won’t cut it – you have to meet face to face. Clearly, the same is true in the business world. Some meetings must be conducted where all participants can be physically present. Perhaps it’s interviewing someone to take on a key role within your team, and you have to get a feel for the dynamics between you, or you are selecting somebody to represent your business and so must assess their inter-personal skills properly. Similarly, if things perhaps require careful planning and designing, physical presence may be necessary to ensure the proper details are addressed. However, these situations by no means negate the utility of conference calls. Instead, they reveal further potential the conference call holds: follow up teleconferencing.

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AdminConference calls as follow-up