Conference calls as follow-up

From youth, we all learn that there are some situations in which a phone call simply won’t cut it – you have to meet face to face. Clearly, the same is true in the business world. Some meetings must be conducted where all participants can be physically present. Perhaps it’s interviewing someone to take on a key role within your team, and you have to get a feel for the dynamics between you, or you are selecting somebody to represent your business and so must assess their inter-personal skills properly. Similarly, if things perhaps require careful planning and designing, physical presence may be necessary to ensure the proper details are addressed. However, these situations by no means negate the utility of conference calls. Instead, they reveal further potential the conference call holds: follow up teleconferencing.

Often, especially when you are faced with an especially large or complicated project, one meeting simply isn’t enough. This is a situation in which conference calling demonstrates its incredible value in the business world. After the initial meeting, individuals can work on their contributions separately, and then may need to reconvene to discuss, straighten out issues that were encountered, or report back on findings. However, travelling to a specific venue again may be difficult, time-consuming, expensive and wearisome, not to mention unnecessary. At this point, holding a telephone conference may be your ideal solution.

By organising to dial into a conference call at an allotted time, you can ensure your team a secure, free space in which to discuss ideas from the comfort of their own homes – or indeed, any location, as with WHYPAY? you can dial in from a mobile, or even a payphone. This cuts down greatly on expenses, particularly as conference calls can be held at no extra charge if you find the right conference call service provider. WHYPAY? is a totally free conference call bridge: calls are simply charged at the standard rate for 01 and 02 numbers, or included in your bundled minutes if these are available. You pay nothing extra for the service.

Moreover, after you have created your free, secure conference call room – at the simple click of literally one button – it becomes permanently yours, available for use whenever you require it and for as long as you desire. So you needn’t worry about rushing your ideas or skipping over potential key points that you have thought of or found since your meeting. WHYPAY? allows up to 100 participants per conference call, so all those at the initial meeting can easily dial in and discuss. You can even schedule it pre-emptively before the meeting if you know there will be a lot to pack in, or the issues are particularly complex. WHYPAY? creates useful calendar attachments, and can automatically send out email invites to your participants, so none of you will forget the call or misplace the number. It’s clear – conference calling is an invaluable business tool. And it’s free.

AdminConference calls as follow-up
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