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Reduce travel costs with conference calling

The recent economic downturn has prompted many companies, big and small, to have a close look at their expenses. Business travel forms a major chunk of annual expenses for several companies, so that is one of the areas where a lot of cost cutting is involved. But to run a successful business, it is essential to keep communication lines open. Without communicating regularly with business partners and clients, there is little chance that any business will survive in the highly competitive market of today.

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GabiReduce travel costs with conference calling

Recording a conference call – meeting minutes made easy

Taking minutes is an important activity that is part of every meeting, whether it is a normal face-to-face business meeting or a conference call. Accurate minutes reflect whatever was discussed during the meeting and make a permanent record of the discussion. Sometimes it may so happen that the person taking the minutes may forget to include some vital points or he may not even have heard them because he was busy scribbling down the previous point of discussion. By recording a voice conference, you can ensure that none of the important discussion points are missed. If the call is important enough you can even nave the entire call transcribed and sent to participants at a later date.

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GabiRecording a conference call – meeting minutes made easy

No more high charges for conference calling

Traditionally, conference calls have been associated with large corporations who have budgets to buy expensive equipment and host their own conference bridge. But now, the technology has become affordable to all. There are many affordable conferencing services in the market and depending on the nature of your business and volume of calls, you can choose the most appropriate among the conferencing solutions available in the market.

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GabiNo more high charges for conference calling

Modern businesses embrace conference calling

The modern world is very challenging for businesses. Customers are getting more demanding and the budgets are getting leaner with every passing year. To maintain their lead in the market place and to maintain healthy profit margins, smart companies bank on affordable yet effective technology. One such technology that comes to the aid of modern businesses is telephone conferencing.

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GabiModern businesses embrace conference calling

Conference calling: the easy way to communicate

The world today is highly advanced when it comes to communication. Many companies use video and audio conferencing solutions to a great extent to regularly keep in touch with business partners, colleagues and customers spread across the globe and also to save their time and money.

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GabiConference calling: the easy way to communicate

Conference calling reduces carbon impact

Teleconferencing is the preferred means of business communication today because it helps save time, money and even the environment. Call conferencing eliminates the need for frequent travel and cuts down the greenhouse gas emissions that are caused by automobiles and air crafts.

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GabiConference calling reduces carbon impact

Conference calling helps businesses grow

Conference calls help businesses to connect with customers, employees and partners no matter where they are located. It also helps them drastically cut down on travel and accommodation expenses.

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GabiConference calling helps businesses grow

Conference calling: work from home with confidence

Working from home is a very appealing concept. Small business owners and self employed professionals find it very beneficial to work from home because they do not have to bear the expenses of a separate office space. Even those who work in regular offices for large companies may find it advantageous to work from home if they are a bit under the weather, or cannot get to the office for a few days due to any other reason.

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GabiConference calling: work from home with confidence

The benefits of conference calls: from saving money to saving the planet

The benefits of conference calls are clear.

It doesn’t matter too much how large your organisation is. Huge corporations and tiny prayer groups alike can save time & money, improve communication efficiency and gain green credentials by making more conference calls.

By holding telephone conference calls on a regular basis, organisations all over the country can see direct positive impacts.


It’s up to you (or your seniors) whether you choose to measure the impacts internally. You could go full nerd-mode and meticulously compare travel times, costs and estimated emissions before and after a conference calling phase. Or you can simply start replacing at least some of your face-to-face meetings with conference calls, knowing that the advantages will having a real effect in the background.

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GabiThe benefits of conference calls: from saving money to saving the planet

Conference calling is for everyone – not just for business

Conference calls have always been one of the most popular options for businesses to communicate with remote parties without anyone leaving the office. This saves on a lot of time and money, particularly if you have business partners, suppliers or colleagues who are based in different countries. Call conferencing lets you assemble everyone working on a project in different locations and get immediate feedback. A voice conference eliminates the chance of miscommunication because everyone can be present at the meeting; there is no need to relay the information from one person to the next by word of mouth.

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GabiConference calling is for everyone – not just for business