Conference calling is for everyone – not just for business

Conference calls have always been one of the most popular options for businesses to communicate with remote parties without anyone leaving the office. This saves on a lot of time and money, particularly if you have business partners, suppliers or colleagues who are based in different countries. Call conferencing lets you assemble everyone working on a project in different locations and get immediate feedback. A voice conference eliminates the chance of miscommunication because everyone can be present at the meeting; there is no need to relay the information from one person to the next by word of mouth.

You may think that email might work just fine to avoid distortions in communication. But what if simultaneous inputs are required from participating members? For feedback and discussions, teleconferencing is the far more superior option. A voice conference allows for a personal touch which is what builds business relationships. While written communication cannot be avoided and is very useful especially at the hands of people who can draft persuasive and effective emails, most business men and women are better on the phone or in face to face meetings. The passion and conviction in their voices may be what clinches the deal.

Conferencing services include audio, video and even web conferencing. Client meetings, project updates, general meetings and sales presentations can all be conducted via phone conferencing.

So far, businesses were the major customers of conferencing solutions. But with the advent of budget teleconference calls, even ordinary people are getting attracted to the possibilities offered by telephone conferencing. There are many podcasting and social networking sites making the most of teleconferencing services.

Conference calling is basically about more than two people communicating simultaneously over the phone. This has many applications. Consider organising a hen night or a bachelor party. Often, the responsibility for arranging the event falls squarely on one person. Instead of hosting something that others may not like or even attend, it is better to get everyone’s opinion first and then do the organising. You can get everyone on the line to discuss and bounce around ideas. All that the callers need to do is dial into the conference bridge to make use of the budget friendly conferencing facilities.

In many ways, using conference call services for social interaction is a great choice because you get to make so many “must make” calls at once. So conference calling is not just for businesses alone. They are also for ordinary people who just need to communicate with a group of friends or family.

AdminConference calling is for everyone – not just for business
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