The benefits of conference calls: from saving money to saving the planet

The benefits of conference calls are clear.

It doesn’t matter too much how large your organisation is. Huge corporations and tiny prayer groups alike can save time & money, improve communication efficiency and gain green credentials by making more conference calls.

By holding telephone conference calls on a regular basis, organisations all over the country can see direct positive impacts.


It’s up to you (or your seniors) whether you choose to measure the impacts internally. You could go full nerd-mode and meticulously compare travel times, costs and estimated emissions before and after a conference calling phase. Or you can simply start replacing at least some of your face-to-face meetings with conference calls, knowing that the advantages will having a real effect in the background.

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Communicate effectively and efficiently

Of course, communication needs today are quite advanced. The Internet has brought the world closer together and there are several services such as email, chat and instant messengers that are completely universal. However, many organisations need communication solutions that are slightly more advanced. One of the benefits of conference calls is that multiple individuals can communicate at the level that they need from any location.

By conducting a voice conference instead of spending a fortune in travel and accommodations, smart companies maintain operational efficiencies but cut down on expenses. It can be as simple as changing your mindset. Employees can be asked to simply keep in mind whether meeting in-person is really needed. If 20% of your meetings can be held over the phone without compromising on the quality of the communication, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

The efficiency and effectiveness with which companies transact their business is also determined by how well they are able to use their time. Imagine having to hold an urgent business meeting at very short notice.

  • How many people will be able to travel immediately?
  • Will the meeting venue be available?
  • How long will it take to arrange for accommodation?
  • What if an important meeting participant is unwell and cannot travel?

All these problems can be addressed through telephone conferencing.

All that a teleconference requires is a telephone line. Participants dial into the conference bridge hosted by the service provider to get connected to the call. Call conferencing can be done at any time of the day or night, so even urgent business meetings can be conducted at very short notice. Not to mention the amount of travel time saved.

Many companies hold daily staff meeting by phone conferencing. This is particularly relevant when small teams are spread across the country or the world.

Save money

The economy is fragile and businesses have to keep a tight rein on their finances. Costs really add up, and let’s be frank, we all know that for businesses (especially large ones) employees travelling with their company card aren’t going to be as careful with their spending as they would with their own money! One of the benefits of conference calls is that they help do reduce the travel costs associated with unnecessary meetings.

Reduce your carbon footprint

We’re all aware of it more and more as time goes on. Scientists (who’s job it is to study our impact on the environment) continue to warn us that we’re not doing enough. Businesses, societies and other bodies have the ability to make a real difference because they have more reach.

But there’s a problem. For a business owner going green can feel like a daunting task. It’s often just not a priority and we imagine it would involve lots of time and effort to analyse our current impact and devise the best ways to reduce it. It just feels like a monumental task and the reality is that we tend to put business first, and the environment second.

But there are two important points here…

  • Businesses have actually been shown to increase profits as a result of focusing on corporate responsibility (more on that here).
  • There really are quick wins to be had in this area, and reducing travel time by holding more meetings over the phone is one of them.

There’s very little disruption to employees when implementing teleconferencing but the benefits of conference calls can be huge. If you can simply identify the kind of meetings that definitely require a physical presence you can put those aside and suggest a conference call for anything else.

By using conference call facilities on a more regular basis companies can contribute to a greener environment by eliminating the greenhouse gas emissions that are inherent to travel.

If you’ve not used conference calls before, it’s really simple. Everybody dial into a ‘virtual’ meeting space and up to 100 individual callers can communicate together. You can generate conference details for free at any time by simply clicking on the button below. There are no hidden fees or costs – callers only pay for the cost of their phone call, and the call is often completely free because 03 phone numbers are included in your contract minutes under Ofcom regulations.

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AdminThe benefits of conference calls: from saving money to saving the planet
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