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Conference calling – saving time, money and the environment

Is it possible to save money, improve operational efficiencies and gain green credentials all at the same time? Incredible as it sounds, it indeed is possible to accomplish all the above by using conferencing services. By switching from traditional face to face meeting to conference calls, businesses have a huge opportunity to obtain all three benefits.

The economy is fragile and businesses have to keep a tight rein on their finances. By using teleconferencing services as opposed to travelling to meetings, organisations can make huge cost savings.

The communication needs today are quite advanced. The Internet has brought the world closer and there are several services such as email, chat and instant messengers that are available online. However, modern businesses need communication solutions that are slightly more advanced. With sophisticated conferencing solutions offered by conference call service providers, businesses can communicate at the level that they need.

By conducting a voice conference instead of spending a fortune in travel and accommodations, smart companies maintain operation efficiencies but cut down on expenses. If participants have to see each other face to face, video conferencing is available. To share files and documents in real time, web conferencing can also be done. Teleconferencing makes a huge positive influence in the way business is done.

The efficiency and effectiveness with which companies transact their business is also determined by how well they are able to use their time. Imagine having to hold an urgent business meeting at very short notice. How many people will be able to travel immediately? Will the meeting venue be available? How long will it take to arrange for accommodation? What if an important meeting participant is off sick and cannot travel? All these problems can be eliminated through telephone conferencing.

All that a teleconference requires is a telephone line. Participants dial into the conference bridge hosted by the service provider to get connected to the call. Call conferencing can be done at any time of the day or night, so even urgent business meetings can be conducted at very short notice. Not to mention the amount of travel time saved.

Many companies hold daily staff meeting by phone conferencing. This is particularly relevant when small teams are spread across the country or the world.

By using conference call facilities on a regular basis companies can also contribute to a greener environment by eliminating the greenhouse gas emissions that are inherent in air or automobile travel.

Elliot GreenConference calling – saving time, money and the environment
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