Conference calling reduces carbon impact

Teleconferencing is the preferred means of business communication today because it helps save time, money and even the environment. Call conferencing eliminates the need for frequent travel and cuts down the greenhouse gas emissions that are caused by automobiles and air crafts.

The long distance business trips taken by professionals all over the world runs to millions of kilometres. This results in serious ecological and environmental consequences. By making use of conferencing services, business can reduce their carbon footprint due to frequent travel to a considerable extent. Several million passenger miles are logged every year to attend conferences, trade shows and meetings.

Seven percent of the total carbon emissions in the world is contributed by air travel. There is also car travel that must be considered; it makes up almost 81% of corporate travel. Auto emissions are definitely much milder than the aviation greenhouse gas emissions, nonetheless with the number of vehicles on the road even auto emissions contribute a significant percentage of harmful greenhouse gases.

Telephone conferencing is an effective method of mitigating the eco-impact of frequent business travel. All that the participants need to do to attend a teleconference is to dial the number provided by the teleconferencing service provider and connect to the conference bridge. Phone conferencing requires only a telephone line, so anybody from anywhere can make or participate in a conference call at any time.

Many companies are using conferencing solutions that fit their budget and specific needs to cut costs and to turn their businesses green. Recent surveys conducted indicate that employees routinely engage in voice conference whenver possible. Many companies also have a policy that require employees to provide a justifiable explanation for their business travel and urge them to make use of teleconferencing facilities as much as possible.

By implementing telephone conferences when face to face meetings are unnecessary, businesses are showing their commitment to the environment. Reducing time for travel is also likely to improve the energy levels of employees. After frequent flights at odd times, the productivity levels are likely to be at a low.

There is indeed a huge awareness among businesses and individuals about the damage that human beings are causing to the environment. Everyone wants to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet and therefore responsible businesses use conference call services as one of the means to achieving this. Customers are also beginning to seek out environmentally friendly products and services, so a company using eco-friendly methods of communication is most likely to be preferred over another one that does not.

AdminConference calling reduces carbon impact
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