Reduce travel costs with conference calling

The recent economic downturn has prompted many companies, big and small, to have a close look at their expenses. Business travel forms a major chunk of annual expenses for several companies, so that is one of the areas where a lot of cost cutting is involved. But to run a successful business, it is essential to keep communication lines open. Without communicating regularly with business partners and clients, there is little chance that any business will survive in the highly competitive market of today.

So how do smart companies manage to cut down on travel costs, yet communicate with major stake holders and colleagues on a regular basis? The answer is teleconferencing. By availing of the sophisticated conferencing solutions offered by reputed teleconferencing service providers, businesses can have the best of both worlds.

Every year millions of travel miles are logged by business travellers all over the world. Imagine the kind of savings companies can make by minimising the travel without compromising on the frequency and quality of communication. By making regular conference calls, colleagues who are spread across different parts of the world can keep each other updated on the progress of the project they or working on or any other matter of importance.

Conferencing services have a wide variety of applications in business. Companies routinely bank on call conferencing for sales presentations, client meetings, project updates and sharing the results of company performance. If people start travelling for all these for a face to face meeting, the travel expenses will be tremendous. By choosing to teleconference instead, companies can keep their overheads at a minimum.

A voice conference is basically a telephone call where 3 or more people can communicate at the same time. There is no need for sophisticated and expensive equipment for telephone conferencing. All you need is a normal telephone line using which you dial into the conference bridge to get connected to the right call. Therefore, there is no initial investment either for businesses wishing to switch to phone conferencing instead of regular travel.

Conference call service providers offer not just audio conferencing facilities where participants are only able to hear each other, but video and web conferencing as well. Video allows you to see other members while web conferencing allows you to even transfer files in real time.

By choosing the right service provider, businesses can manage client communications very effectively and build a new level of interaction between own teams and customers’ teams.

Considering all the above, and not forgetting the environmental concerns due to carbon emissions from air crafts and automobiles, businesses have a very clear financial inducement to embrace conference calling.

AdminReduce travel costs with conference calling
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