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How to say ‘Merry Christmas’ around the world

Imagine being able to wish Christmas greetings in a number of different languages. What better way to spread Christmas cheer than with multilingual skills? Whether you’re speaking with business associates from abroad or you’re catching up with some far-flung family, wishing a simple ‘Merry Christmas’ in a different language is, at the very least, quite impressive. 

Did you know that vast numbers of cultures across the world celebrate Christmas? In fact, Christmas is observed in over 160 countries across the world (so you won’t run short of people to impress with your newfound talent). All jokes aside, lots of cultures will appreciate your well-wishes given that the Christmas period is often considered sacred. 

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AdminHow to say ‘Merry Christmas’ around the world

The ultimate guide to effective note-taking on a conference call

Conference calls are an excellent way to work and collaborate with others remotely, whether you are two businesses collaborating on opposite sides of the world or one fully remote team looking to stay connected. There’s no doubt conference calls are a must-have tool for many businesses today, but the key to any great conference call is effective note-taking.

Learn how to take notes during a phone call (or a video conference) with our guide.

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AdminThe ultimate guide to effective note-taking on a conference call