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Working from home – an opportunity made possible with conference calling

Conference calls can create and expand possibilities for people who wish, or need, to work from home. For many, working from home can be an ideal situation, or sometimes even the only option. Many life circumstances can make commuting to work every day extremely difficult and inconvenient: young children, disability, living far from the company’s base, having dependent family members or simply working better alone, rather than surrounded by groups of people. Thus, the ability to work from home opens up great professional opportunities for those who may otherwise have very little available to them.

However, while working from home may alleviate some of the pressures and difficulties confronted in the search for a suitable job, it can create new and unique issues. A key problem faced by many working from home is the lack of communication with employers and colleagues. The distance between them, the lack of daily face to face contact, can make workers feel out of the loop and alienated. This lack of communication can lead to high levels of stress, disorganisation and poor productivity for those working from home.

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AdminWorking from home – an opportunity made possible with conference calling

Is your conference calling service truly free to use?

With the rise of technology, we have seen the amount of tools available to businesses soar over recent years. Simultaneously, pressure has grown to make these tools easy and efficient to use, and as cost-effective for businesses as possible. Three of our main priorities in the business world are communication, efficiency, and financial wisdom. These meet their harmonious combination in the oft-advertised ‘free conference call’. But a concerning proportion of the times that you see this claim, it turns out to be false, costing you and your business money. You have to take care, and read carefully, to ascertain whether your conference calls really are free.

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AdminIs your conference calling service truly free to use?

Call recording now available – FREE

Following many requests over the last twelve months, we’re delighted to tell you that Conference Call Recording is now available at WHYPAY? as a FREE service for all our users.

Boasting many useful features, call recording is of course optional and can only be used with calls scheduled through the WHYPAY? website. To comply with call recording regulations, all participants are notified when calls are being recorded, both in the email invitations sent to participants and during the welcome announcement as they join the call.

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AdminCall recording now available – FREE

£162,000 back in your pockets!

Following regulatory changes in 2007 which introduced a new number range (03), the Nexbridge team (at the time, Zimo Communications) set about creating a brand new, free voice conference service named WHYPAY? the aim of which was to bring genuine benefits to people dialling into conference rooms from mobile phones. How have we got on and more importantly what are those benefits?

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Admin£162,000 back in your pockets!

Will businesses still be conference calling in 5 to 10 years’ time?

Conference calls are currently an undeniably valuable tool to businesses. As technology develops and communication becomes more sophisticated, more and more businesses are beginning to make use of the service. With international business partnerships becoming more commonplace all the time and people’s desire for information growing constantly, conference calling has never been so relevant.

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AdminWill businesses still be conference calling in 5 to 10 years’ time?

The role of the conference call in a business deal

Conference calls are an immensely valuable tool to businesses, particularly with the emergence of free conference call bridges. Conferencing calling can prove to be useful in almost any aspect of conducting day-to-day business, and even in the significant and crucial moment of closing a business deal, and all the work that precedes this.

Preparing for a business deal can undeniably be a hectic and stressful time for all those involved. You may, for example, have to work within a team putting together a presentation for a meeting. Rather than having to stay late at the office or travel to meet up somewhere, holding a conference call may be the perfect way to discuss your ideas. With WHYPAY?, this is a very straightforward, easy process. All you would need to do is create a conference call room, at which point you gain your own personal, secure conference number and PIN. Simply pass these on to the necessary participants – WHYPAY? can even send out an automatic email invitation, with the option for a recurring invitation to a call at a certain time daily, weekly or monthly as you progress to the momentous occasion of finalising the deal.

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AdminThe role of the conference call in a business deal

Managing remote staff – the power of conference calling

Employing remote staff can be a wise and beneficial decision both for the employer and the employee. Remote staffing offers a great employment opportunity for people who are skilled and committed workers, but perhaps more suited to introverted work than contributing to a wider team. It is also an ideal solution for people who are not easily able to travel to work for any reason, including having young children or a disability.

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AdminManaging remote staff – the power of conference calling

New features on WHYPAY? and yes, they’re still free

WHYPAY? is undergoing some changes, with our development team working on a host of new features to enhance the service. It’s still as simple as ever, with the ability to set up and dial into a new conference room in seconds using The Big Green Button, but we’ve added some extra tools for those who want more from their WHYPAY? experience.

Save your Conference Details

You can now have your conference rooms at your finger tips, literally. By downloading a contact card directly to your smartphone or other device you can save your conference room to your contacts list and dial straight in whenever you need to. You can generate as many rooms and contact cards as you need, just give each room a memorable name so you know which is which.

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AdminNew features on WHYPAY? and yes, they’re still free

New start-ups and conference calling – utilising free business tools

Starting a new business is an incredibly exciting, exhilarating time filled with potential and opportunity. And yet it is undeniably prone to being a very stressful time, often surrounded with great financial risks, uncertainty and pressure, particularly if there are people dependent on you. Anyone behind a new start-up knows that taking care with money is important – it is not the time to be frivolous. Therefore, what better time to put to use the free business tools on offer to you than in the early stages of a new business?

One crucial tool for any business venture is the conference call. It has the power to bring together people from all over the world to hold a clear, easy to access conversation. Clearly, when starting a new business it is an ideal way to get people on board, share your ideas with those working with you and even find employees.

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AdminNew start-ups and conference calling – utilising free business tools