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Communication trends: should you replace your office phones with mobiles?

Traditional desk phones have long had a place in almost every office space around the world. But their reign may well be coming to a close with the rise of a new business trend known as Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD. Many companies are allowing employees to carry out their work from their own laptops, smartphones and tablets rather than company-provided technology, a practice with many advantages, that can be very suitable for the right organisation. With the introduction of VoIP and BYOD, many of the things that office phones used to be necessary for – even conference calling – could easily be carried out from employees’ own devices. If you’re thinking about adopting this trend in your own work space, there are some things to consider in your decision-making.

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Gabi JamesCommunication trends: should you replace your office phones with mobiles?

Free conference calls included in your bundled minutes

Conference calling is happening in all areas of life, and is not just reserved for the business world. Think about it; whatever it is you do, you can probably benefit from using a conference call every now and then to improve communication around your job, passion or hobby. But this shouldn’t mean you have to spend a great deal of money to keep in the loop. In fact, conference calls can be placed at absolutely no charge – as long as you know which conference call bridge to use.

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Elliot GreenFree conference calls included in your bundled minutes

WHYPAY?: the easiest, quickest, cheapest conference calling service?

Conference calling is a quick and simple business tool that makes professional life much more convenient and enhances communication between colleagues, clients and employers. But there are so many different conference call bridges to choose from, and they are by no means equal. In fact, some are sneaky, tucking hidden costs behind every corner or being overly complex to use. WHYPAY? on the other hand, is a whole different story, and is arguably the best call conferencing service on offer.

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Gabi JamesWHYPAY?: the easiest, quickest, cheapest conference calling service?

5 ways conference calling can enhance your business

With the ease and simplicity of conference calling on the rise, and its cost plummeting to non-existent levels, making the most out of conference calls has never been so important. Of all the free business tools on offer to you and your business, it is perhaps the most valuable. If you’ve yet to fully integrate teleconferences into your daily professional life, this list of five of the many, many ways that using conference calls can enhance your business should convince you.

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Gabi James5 ways conference calling can enhance your business

Conference calling for sportsmen and women

For many, the word teleconference comes with set perceptions, or, perhaps more accurately, prejudices. Conference calling is frequently regarded as a tool that is great for businesses, but not relevant anywhere else. And this is a tragic waste, as conference calls can be extremely beneficial for countless areas of life, and countless different pursuits. Sportsmen and women for example, are a demographic that can gain great benefits by using conference calls. And with conference call bridges like WHYPAY? offering free conference calls, there’s nothing to lose!

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Gabi JamesConference calling for sportsmen and women

Free conference calls – too good to be true?

By now, you might have heard all about the infinite benefits of integrating conference calling into your everyday working life. For many, though, the utility of a business tool is not the only factor that must be taken into consideration before making use of it – finance is often hugely important. But what about free business tools? That’s where WHYPAY? comes in, ensuring teleconferences are simple and affordable for everybody, whether for professional or personal use.

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Gabi JamesFree conference calls – too good to be true?

5 things not to do on a conference call

Conference calls can be a wonderful and deeply beneficial tool for your business, helping things run more smoothly and efficiently. They can also, however, be hugely disrupted by certain bad habits and common mistakes that many frequent users will be familiar with. To help you out, here is a list of 5 bad conference call behaviours to avoid on your next audio conference.

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Gabi James5 things not to do on a conference call

Why the world’s governments are conference calling

Governments across the globe frequently engage in conference calls, be it with members of their own government who are travelling or stationed abroad, members of foreign governments or NGOs. If groups with such huge power, pressing responsibility and often urgent issues to resolve find the conference call one of their most valuable tools, can there be any doubt that it could be immensely valuable for you?

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Gabi JamesWhy the world’s governments are conference calling

What are people conference calling about right now?

Conference calls have become a huge part of many people’s lives, and are a tool of great use not only within the business world, but for many different types of people in many different walks of life. A quick look over the headlines could give a very revealing view of just how prolific the teleconference has become, and how frequently the service is being put to use.

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Gabi JamesWhat are people conference calling about right now?