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Conference call services vs Skype

In today’s world there is an ever increasing demand for fast and efficient communication. Conference calls are a cost-effective way to communicate long distances, arrange meetings, present seminars and even train an apprentice. Dissolving the concerns of prohibitive travel and airfare costs, a conference call can provide an opportunity for multiple callers to be hooked onto the same terminal. Offering comprehensive services like international call conferencing and web-seminars, teleconference services and their providers have won over a sizeable portion of the economy which includes large and small businesses and even individual users, using the service for their personal needs. This article takes a look at these efficient communication tools.

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AdminConference call services vs Skype

Conference calling and your business

Teleconferencing has always been a great way to cut down on unnecessary costs, which might otherwise adversely affect a business. Travelling, checking into hotels, attending lengthy business meetings, following up on the meetings etc are a serious drain of resources. Using a conference call ensures that you do not waste time, money or energy to meet a prospective client or discuss the potential for growth with an existing one. Teleconference services have grown over the last decade as more and more businesses turn to using this extremely effective tool, which guarantees returns with minimal wastage.

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AdminConference calling and your business

Preparing for a conference call? Five key pointers

With conference calls becoming increasingly popular as a means of conducting business meetings and making presentations, it’s important to pay some attention to the basic preparations before the actual voice conference is carried out.

Inform all participants

First of all the participating members need to be informed about the meeting. Depending on the conferencing solutions provided to you by the conference call service provider, you may have the participants informed about the date, time and agenda of the teleconference by the teleconferencing service providers themselves.

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AdminPreparing for a conference call? Five key pointers

How much is a call to WHYPAY? How much can I save on an average conference call?

If your business depends heavily on telephone conferencing and your conference bills are causing you worry, you need to switch over to WHYPAY? With WHYPAY?, have as many conference calls as you wish and say goodbye to huge phone bills. A voice conference with WHYPAY? will cost you much less than most other conference call service providers. It is a very cost-effective phone conferencing service which actually allows users to create a permanent conference room that is free and has no hidden costs.

Other conferencing services which promise free teleconferencing actually operate on special premium rate numbers. There are no free bundled minutes when you call an 08 and therefore the charges are quite high. Compared to this, calls to WHYPAY? come within your free bundle minutes allowance available from your fixed or mobile phone.

Call conferencing with WHYPAY? comes within the free bundled minutes available in your service / call plan at the time of dialling into the teleconference.

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AdminHow much is a call to WHYPAY? How much can I save on an average conference call?

The technology behind conference calls – how a conference call bridge works

Call conferencing is here to stay and has provided the corporate world with the most cost effective tool to cut down on travel costs and make decisions based on maximum information sharing. Advanced conference call services like web conferencing have made teleconferencing more preferable at times than face to face meetings.

A conference call is like a telephone call, except that multiple people can be connected  simultaneously. All the participants dial into a conference bridge to get connected to the teleconference. A conference bridge is a combination of hardware and software and is capable of connecting multiple phone lines simultaneously. The bridge can even accommodate a number of teleconferences to be held at the same time. It is the bridge that also enables the host to mute some or all the participants when he needs to talk about something without being interrupted.

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AdminThe technology behind conference calls – how a conference call bridge works

How call recording can benefit conference call participants

Telephone conferencing is the most favoured collaborative tool used by businesses the world over to communicate and coordinate operations between multiple offices. Be it a sales presentation, an internal meeting, a training session or a seminar, a voice conference is a cheap and effective alternate to face to face interaction, which can involve huge travel costs and is also slow compared to the fast connectivity provided these days by conference call service providers.

A conference call connecting a number of persons to each other is carried out with the help of a conference bridge which may be described as a server capable of answering many calls at once. Modern call conferencing, in conjunction with web conferencing allows people to not only speak to each other, but also see each other and share visuals and transfer data files via internet.

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AdminHow call recording can benefit conference call participants

The history of conference calls

It might be a near-daily occurrence now. But have you ever wondered about the history of conference calls? It probably traces back further than you think. In this article, we’ll look back from the birth of communications to the bright future of conference calls as we consider the history of teleconferencing.

While call conferencing has become a very popular tool to establish fast and efficient communication across vast distances, the basic human need to connect within groups is a primal instinct. In a sense, the earliest conference calls were made using drum beats and smoke signals. But we’ll narrow our focus in this history of teleconferencing. It begins in the mid-nineteenth century.

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AdminThe history of conference calls

Conference calls and conference seminars (mass participants)

Conference calls provide an inexpensive alternative to personal conferences where the participants involved may be located not only in different cities but in different countries and time zones altogether. The set up required for call conferencing is simple and easy to use. All that is needed is to get in touch with a reliable conference call service provider who provides international teleconferencing services.

Historically, telephone conferencing was restricted to the host calling up people and then multiple calls to ensure everyone is connected. Modern conferencing solutions provide significantly enhanced connectivity in a much simpler way.

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AdminConference calls and conference seminars (mass participants)

Conference calls for sales presentations

With the help of a voice conference, a number of people can simultaneously be connected to a single telephone call. Telephone conferencing can be done by one host calling up all the participants or every participant dialling the access code to connect to the conference bridge, which is basically a server connecting multiple telephone lines to each other. Call conferencing is frequently used by companies to communicate with people within as well as outside the business. This helps minimise business travel and cut down on expenses.

Teleconferencing service providers maintain conference bridges and provide unique access codes for a host of conferencing services. Modern conferencing solutions have evolved to the extent that web conferences allow sharing of documents via internet and video conferences allow sharing of visual information like Powerpoint presentations.

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AdminConference calls for sales presentations

Conference calls and call recording for recruitment agencies

Call conferencing has proven to be one of the most accepted and favoured modes of communication for businesses the world over, because it is cost effective, fast and easy. In today’s fast paced life, teleconferencing services are extremely beneficial for recruitment agencies to reach a large number of potential candidates.

A conference call allows the recruiters to interview candidates, conduct group discussions and find out who is best suited for the job. All this, without the hassle of having them all arrive at the same physical location. This provides qualified candidates from distant locations a great opportunity to attend interviews and undergo screening procedures without having to travel from their home town.

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AdminConference calls and call recording for recruitment agencies