Conference calls and conference seminars (mass participants)

Conference calls provide an inexpensive alternative to personal conferences where the participants involved may be located not only in different cities but in different countries and time zones altogether. The set up required for call conferencing is simple and easy to use. All that is needed is to get in touch with a reliable conference call service provider who provides international teleconferencing services.

Historically, telephone conferencing was restricted to the host calling up people and then multiple calls to ensure everyone is connected. Modern conferencing solutions provide significantly enhanced connectivity in a much simpler way.

Conferencing services have proved to be very effective in conducting seminars with participants scattered the world over. Many logistic nightmares that are usually a part of organising seminars, such as travel arrangements, accommodation, blocking the venue, setting up the venue etc. can be completely avoided.

A voice conference meant for mass participants, located all over the globe, can be easily conducted with the help of a conference bridge which is a hub that allow multiple phone lines to connect simultaneously. The participants are provided toll free access numbers to connect to the conference bridge and participate in the teleconference.

The advent of technology has popularised web conference calls which allow online sharing of documents with the help of computers and internet. Participants hear and see each other with the use of web cameras. Whiteboard and Powerpoint presentations can also be used as tools to interact with each other during web seminars.

All kinds of video files like multi media files, motion video files or even live video can be used in web seminars. URLs, cookies, online scripts and forms can also be shared by the participants. Private message sharing is also allowed between people in the seminar. There are many tools available for conferencing online with mass participation. Telecommunication companies also provide affordable and effective solutions for web seminars.

Ideally, participants are notified of the date and time of the seminar. For international seminars, the time allotted per person to speak must be specified. This allows participants in different time zones to be prepared for the seminar at the scheduled time along with required information so that no time or money is wasted during phone conferencing. Modern teleconferencing services also have call recording facilities that allow the proceedings of the seminar to be recorded as audio files and the participants who missed the seminar can have the files played at their convenience.

AdminConference calls and conference seminars (mass participants)
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