Conference calls for sales presentations

With the help of a voice conference, a number of people can simultaneously be connected to a single telephone call. Telephone conferencing can be done by one host calling up all the participants or every participant dialling the access code to connect to the conference bridge, which is basically a server connecting multiple telephone lines to each other. Call conferencing is frequently used by companies to communicate with people within as well as outside the business. This helps minimise business travel and cut down on expenses.

Teleconferencing service providers maintain conference bridges and provide unique access codes for a host of conferencing services. Modern conferencing solutions have evolved to the extent that web conferences allow sharing of documents via internet and video conferences allow sharing of visual information like Powerpoint presentations.

This set-up is as almost as good as a personal meeting. It proves to be very useful while conducting sales presentations as sales data and projections can be examined and evaluated by all members concerned even if they are not physically present during for the meeting.

A teleconference can be conducted to give updates on sales figures and provide relevant information to employees as well as customers and suppliers. Conference call service providers also provide call recording facility which allows the teleconference to be recorded and played back. This is useful when people who are phone conferencing to attend the sales presentation. They may be in different time zones that prevent participation along with others.

A conference call can bring a number of people together to communicate ideas. It has proved to be a cost effective way of conducting sales presentations where the business has multiple offices located in different parts of the world. Each branch office can coordinate with each other as well as the head office and a combined sales presentation can be effectively carried out without anyone having to even step out of their offices.

Teleconferencing, in conjunction with multimedia services, allows sales officers to make sales presentations and even provide a platform for customer feedback. The physical location of the presenter or the participants does not matter. A computer, internet connection and a good service provider can ensure that a sales presentation is successful as a real meeting, without anyone having to travel. Every potential customer can be reached and this leads to more revenue for the business. With less travel expenses and increased revenues, it becomes a win-win situation for all concerned.

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