Conference calls and call recording for recruitment agencies

Call conferencing has proven to be one of the most accepted and favoured modes of communication for businesses the world over, because it is cost effective, fast and easy. In today’s fast paced life, teleconferencing services are extremely beneficial for recruitment agencies to reach a large number of potential candidates.

A conference call allows the recruiters to interview candidates, conduct group discussions and find out who is best suited for the job. All this, without the hassle of having them all arrive at the same physical location. This provides qualified candidates from distant locations a great opportunity to attend interviews and undergo screening procedures without having to travel from their home town.

Phone conferencing has now become a common tool for screening applicants before calling them for a face to face interaction. Most of the conference call service providers have call recording facilities and the recorded information can be passed on to the hiring managers. This avoids any distortion or loss of information that usually occurs when it is passed from one person to another.

A voice conference allows the entire panel of interviewers to ask questions by connecting all of them to a single call, with the help of a conference bridge. The success of such an interview depends on prior preparations, like informing the candidates about the time of the interview, access PIN for the teleconference (for interviewers and candidates), clear guidelines about the company, information about its products or services and requisites for the job.

Modern conferencing solutions come bundled with a lot of features like video conferencing, allowing exchange of visual information. Web conferencing also allows file transfer via internet and offer good audio and video quality. This makes it very convenient for all the participants to contribute actively to the conference without having to be physically present in one place.

Telephone conferencing is an inexpensive solution for recruiters who need to make umpteen calls to potential candidates and hirers. The format of a recruiting conference call is similar to that of a personal interview. It begins with an introduction of the main speaker and the other participants. Testimonials can be presented if high end conferencing solutions with video facilities are used. The main advantage of video conferencing is that reactions and the body language of the participants can be observed clearly.

Telephone conferencing is relatively inexpensive and many companies offer free conference lines. A regular call schedule that provides information on available jobs and qualifications required can prove beneficial for both the candidates and the company. Conferencing services combined with call recording can help recruitment agencies cast a wider net without having to incur huge expenses.

AdminConference calls and call recording for recruitment agencies
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