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Conference calls for internal support

Communication, both internal and external, is vital to the smooth running of any business. External communication with shareholders and customers creates awareness and helps increase market share for the company. Internal communication between the management and employees ensures that employees are aware of new developments in the business and helps foster loyalty. Conferencing services are widely used as an effective tool for internal support.

Teleconferencing allows more than two people to connect to a single phone call with the help of a conference bridge, which can be described as a server that can connect a number of phone lines to a single call. A teleconference solution is useful when a major part of the workforce in a business is working from home or when the business has a number of offices in various locations. It also helps inter-departmental coordination.

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AdminConference calls for internal support

Conference calls for training

A conference call connects a number of people to a single phone line at the same time. Advanced conferencing solutions allow the participants to virtually connect, irrespective of their physical location.

Modern call conferencing technology has found a prominent place in education and training. Corporate trainers are realising the immense benefits of phone conferencing to improve the efficiency of the business as well as reduce the costs of skill enhancement for existing employees.

Teleconferencing service providers have also come up with unique features and improved services which make it very easy for companies to reduce their travel expenses without compromising on productivity.

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AdminConference calls for training

Is your company environmentally aware? Don’t travel if you can have a conference call instead

Conference calls have become the norm these days for businesses which have offices located in different places. Call conferencing allows a number of people to be connected to a single call with the help of a conference bridge. Phone conferencing has come a long way with the help of internet and some other simple equipment that can be attached to regular phone lines.

Teleconferencing is presently recognised as a very cost effective tool to conduct business efficiently. It helps reduce travel costs for businesses having a number of offices at different locations. It also increases the productivity of employees as they do not need to spend time and energy in travelling from one place to another. The icing on the cake is that it is eco friendly too. Once you have a proper set up for telephone conferencing, you can eliminate travel completely, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

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AdminIs your company environmentally aware? Don’t travel if you can have a conference call instead