Conference calling and your business

Teleconferencing has always been a great way to cut down on unnecessary costs, which might otherwise adversely affect a business. Travelling, checking into hotels, attending lengthy business meetings, following up on the meetings etc are a serious drain of resources. Using a conference call ensures that you do not waste time, money or energy to meet a prospective client or discuss the potential for growth with an existing one. Teleconference services have grown over the last decade as more and more businesses turn to using this extremely effective tool, which guarantees returns with minimal wastage.

How conference calls can affect your business

A face-to face meeting with a client always meant the hassle of sending invites, arranging food and services, picking up the venue and protracted discussions that sometimes come down to nothing. Using a telephone with a voice conferencing facility can work wonders in such a scenario. A host or chairperson guides the teleconference, ensuring that the content of the call sticks to the issues at hand. This can take care of the tedious digressing, and also makes the meeting much more productive.

A conference bridge, which can simultaneously connect multiple lines, links all the participants in a meeting. A PIN and a toll-free access code instantly ensure connectivity. The call-facilitator can discuss the agenda and orchestrate the call. After a discussion reaches its climax, the participants can fix the time and date for a future call and disconnect themselves. The major plus of using a voice conferencing service is that, unlike group-emails, a conference call gives scope for spontaneous and simultaneous inputs from participants.

A personalised call can be even more effective than a face-to-face meeting because the absence of misleading non-verbal gestures guarantees a greater, objective understanding of the specific concern of the moment. However, if a face-to-face meeting is mandatory, a business agency can opt for the web conferencing or video conferencing, provided by teleconferencing services.

Other uses

In-house meetings or sales presentations can be done over a conference call. A CEO in London can easily evaluate the progress and get feedback from his office in Shanghai without even having to leave the office room. Evaluation of progress or even training can be done to great efficiency by the options offered by this system. Equally suitable for small, medium or large businesses, conference calling has become an increasingly popular method for running a business effectively.

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