How much is a call to WHYPAY? How much can I save on an average conference call?

If your business depends heavily on telephone conferencing and your conference bills are causing you worry, you need to switch over to WHYPAY? With WHYPAY?, have as many conference calls as you wish and say goodbye to huge phone bills. A voice conference with WHYPAY? will cost you much less than most other conference call service providers. It is a very cost-effective phone conferencing service which actually allows users to create a permanent conference room that is free and has no hidden costs.

Other conferencing services which promise free teleconferencing actually operate on special premium rate numbers. There are no free bundled minutes when you call an 08 and therefore the charges are quite high. Compared to this, calls to WHYPAY? come within your free bundle minutes allowance available from your fixed or mobile phone.

Call conferencing with WHYPAY? comes within the free bundled minutes available in your service / call plan at the time of dialling into the teleconference.

Where inclusive free minutes are not available, calls made to WHYPAY? are charged at the same rate as calls to 01 or 02 numbers (landline numbers). These rates may vary according to the mobile contracts of the callers.

Conferencing solutions with WHYPAY? is just a click away. You can set up a permanent conference room for free with the highest possible network quality. Once you create the conference, share the login details with your participants, fix up a time and dial in. It is as simple as that. The conference bridge is developed and maintained by an experienced team.

Revisiting WHYPAY? is not a necessity every time you want to have a teleconference because the conference room and access PIN provided are permanent. You can use any phone to dial in to WHYPAY?; use your mobile phone, landline phone, pay-phone or even Skype. Invitations can be sent to participants using the online scheduler.

WHYPAY? provides feature rich teleconferencing services. These are available if you opt for a WHYPAY? paid plan. You can have your conference calls recorded, import contacts, schedule recurring calls, manage conference rooms online and hold seminars with up to 5,000 participants. It also allows you to view conference call statistics and notify participants about conferences via IM, Twitter DM, email as well as SMS.

You can opt for paid plans TALKMORE or TALKFOREVER, or simply use the service for free with the TALKNOW plan for up to 100 callers to participate in a conference. WHYPAY allows participation to conferences from outside UK as well. The international access number is exclusively for overseas callers.

AdminHow much is a call to WHYPAY? How much can I save on an average conference call?
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