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Set up a conference call in seconds: use WHYPAY?

Conference calling is constantly growing and developing, earning its place as one of the most invaluable – and, as it happens, inexpensive – business tools available. If you don’t already use it frequently, there are reasons why you should be conference calling, particularly as it’s available completely free, if you know where to look.

But in today’s world people don’t just want more for less, they want it quickly. And WHYPAY? lets you set up a conference call within seconds, even the very first time you use it. All you have to do is hit the Big Green Button at the bottom of this post or on the WHYPAY? home page. There is nothing else to it. Once that button is clicked, your conference call room will be created, you will be provided with the conference room number and PIN, and you can dial in from that moment onwards.

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AdminSet up a conference call in seconds: use WHYPAY?

5 ways to ensure your conference call is secure

As most of us know from first-hand experience – particularly anybody whose job involves a large deal of travelling – conference calling has become a firmly grounded practice in the professional world, frequently showcasing its ability to replace meetings, make remote staff a possibility and help reduce a company’s carbon footprint. However, one issue which doesn’t appear to have caught up with the growth of this practice is the establishment of its security.

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Admin5 ways to ensure your conference call is secure

Conference call interviews – the ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s

Holding screening interviews over the telephone is constantly becoming a more common practice. It comes with many benefits, as it saves both the interviewer and the interviewee time and money otherwise spent on travelling to and from the interview, waiting for any possible delays in arrival to the interview and so on. Nonetheless, it is a relatively new and growing technique, and as such conference call tips can be extremely useful, to make sure you get the most out of your telephone conference. To help you hold the most successful conference call interviews possible, here is a list of handy ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s to keep in mind.

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AdminConference call interviews – the ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s

Make a FREE conference call on your iPhone/Samsung/HTC/Nokia or any Other Device

In today’s money-driven environment, you might not believe that there’s a service which allows you to make conference calls from your mobile phone without having a charge appear on your monthly bill. But WHYPAY? is a service that can offer just that – free conference calls that are included in the minutes package you get with your mobile network.

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AdminMake a FREE conference call on your iPhone/Samsung/HTC/Nokia or any Other Device

Electronic band tanlines preview their new album via conference call

Conference calling is not just reserved for businesses, and not tapping into its potential in all walks of life is a tragic waste, particularly when you can get it completely free. Recently, the electronic band Tanlines demonstrated some of the teleconference’s largely untapped potential by using a conference call to preview their new album.

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AdminElectronic band tanlines preview their new album via conference call

The ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s of quarterly earnings conference calls

Done badly, conference calls can end in disaster, but use them properly and conference calls could be one of the best business tools in your arsenal – particularly when you can use them completely free. Using a conference call to discuss your company’s earnings with investors, partners, analysts and so on can be an extremely efficient and beneficial practice, particularly if done on a regular basis – such as at the end of each quarter. Still, conducting a teleconference of this nature successfully isn’t always completely straightforward; certain techniques could work really well, while other practices might leave a bad impression and hinder the conversation. Of course, this is true in any conference call, so looking at some tips for voice meetings in general and common teleconferencing mistakes may be a good first move.

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AdminThe ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s of quarterly earnings conference calls

5 FREE ways you could improve your business right now

Improving your business doesn’t always have to be difficult, complicated, or require you to spend money. Some business improvements can be made completely FREE of charge, often by harnessing new technologies to make working easier in various ways. Check out our round-up of the top 5 free business tools that you should be using if you’re not already. They’re all designed to make your work-life easier, and anything that does that free of charge has got to be a good thing, right?

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Admin5 FREE ways you could improve your business right now

How to find a genuinely free conference call service

In our modern day, successfully running a business without using a conference call service would be extremely difficult. But why should making use of this crucial business tool deplete your business’s funds? Incurring huge bills from your conference calling is an issue that can be easily resolved – you just need to find a service providing genuinely free conference calls.

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AdminHow to find a genuinely free conference call service