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Why tutors, teachers and instructors should be conference calling

Everyone has heard about conference calls and their daily function in offices, linking up colleagues all over the world. If you think this is all conference calls are good for, however, you are sorely mistaken. Maybe you’re a private tutor or a sports trainer, and you think the teleconference has very little to do with you – think again. Conference calling offers a huge amount of benefits and opportunities for people in these fields. If you haven’t tried it out yet, why not start now? With WHYPAY? it’s completely free, and can be set up at the simple push of a button.

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AdminWhy tutors, teachers and instructors should be conference calling

How many participants to have in a conference call

The question of how many participants to have in a conference call can be a tricky one to answer. With all of the different uses for conference calls, there are all kinds of different teleconferences happening. Each will have its own parameters. But there are some general guidelines which apply in almost all cases.

Another thing to consider is that conference calls have a maximum number of participants, set by the conference call provider. To learn more about how many participants you can and should have in a conference call, read on.

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AdminHow many participants to have in a conference call

How to make your next conference call free of charge

Conference calling has swelled in popularity over recent years, and consequently become easier and easier to use. It’s probable that holding or participating in a teleconference has become almost an everyday activity – if it hasn’t maybe it should very soon – so that you can make better informed decisions in the work that you do. Some conference call bridges advertise themselves as free, despite coming with premium rate call charges or other hidden costs. But, don’t be disheartened, this does not mean there is no such thing as a free conference call. There certainly is, so make sure you’re doing all the things you should be to avoid incurring unnecessary costs.

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AdminHow to make your next conference call free of charge

Should you hold a conference call instead of your next meeting?

Conference calling is ever growing in popularity, constantly becoming easier and easier to use, and even, with some conference bridges, free. It’s really likely that you’re coming across it more and more in your working life. But every time you’re starting to plan a meeting, maybe you should ask yourself whether a conference call might be a better option.

So when is teleconferencing the right option? High up in the list of considerations should be how easy it is for everybody you need at the meeting to get there. If somebody is very far away, has young children or dependent family members, or is unwell, a conference call may be the better option. You can save participants discomfort, money and difficult planning, which will make them less resentful of the meeting and put them in a more productive mood, thus making the conference all the more successful. If people have busy schedules, it may be much easier for them to fit in a conference call from wherever they may be than to find time to travel to and from a meeting.

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AdminShould you hold a conference call instead of your next meeting?

Conference calling for the travelling professional

In our modern, globalised world, we are blessed with the chance to travel all over the planet, taking in all the different cultures, climates and landscapes it has to offer. For some lucky individuals, this opportunity is even offered within their job. If you have the good fortune to fit into this category, you should seriously consider making use of conference calling services available to you. They can be the key to solving the difficulties that being a travelling professional can entail.

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AdminConference calling for the travelling professional

5 ways to avoid conference call disaster

Conference calls have the potential to have awkward hiccoughs and even become disastrous, if used by people who have not properly researched conference calling and have little experience. Below are ­­­­5 ways to ensure you have a smooth teleconference experience.

1. Schedule in advance

Before you even start the call, make sure that you send clear invitations, with start and end times, as well as the PIN number and conference room number participants will need to access the call. Some teleconference providers can do this all for you, sending out automatic email invitations to your desired participants, and even creating a calendar attachment. This way, you avoid the problems that come with a participant forgetting about the call, or joining late because of confusion regarding the call’s start time. It also means people should not have difficulty in gaining access to the call, as the numbers they need are stored for them. And not only will you help ensure all the necessary people are present in the call, but by giving them an idea of when the call will end, you raise your chances of them creating enough time to stay for the entirety of the call’s duration.

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Admin5 ways to avoid conference call disaster

Break that ice – how to conference call with strangers

Conference calling isn’t always easy or straightforward. For many, it’s an unfamiliar social situation, and comes with its own difficulties, as well as its own benefits. One thing that can make teleconferencing a unique – and sometimes challenging – experience, is that you speak to people who you have never, even now, met face to face. So, the first time you get together a group of people who don’t know each other, via a conference call, you might like to use some of these ideas to break the ice, and create a comfortable environment where people are eager to share their thoughts and come up with ideas together.

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AdminBreak that ice – how to conference call with strangers

How to be a conference call guru – understanding vocal cues

With conference calling being such a useful business tool, it may already be an important part of your working week. With experience, conference callers pick up certain tricks and tips that help boost teleconferencing success, but there is no doubt that conference calls come with their own unique challenges. In a face to face meeting, you can see your clients’ and colleagues’ body language, but in a conference call, much more is left to the imagination.

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AdminHow to be a conference call guru – understanding vocal cues

WHYPAY? website changes

To make it easier for our users to access and manage their WHYPAY? accounts, we recently made some changes to the website design for logged-in users. We wanted to make it easier for you to manage your rooms on any device, especially smart phones, so you might notice things look a bit different.

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AdminWHYPAY? website changes

How to make your conference call more secure

With some conference bridges like WHYPAY? offering their services completely free of charge, and all the benefits of conference calling, it’s no wonder that the teleconference has become an everyday tool in the business world. As with any situation involving potential disclosure of sensitive, financial or legal details, security can be a concern that people want to know they need not worry about. With WHYPAY? there are several ways to ensure you can make your conference call more secure, giving yourself and your participants a little peace of mind.

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AdminHow to make your conference call more secure