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What do you get if you pay for conference calls?

Genuinely free conference calling, a ground-breaking service offered by conference bridge WHYPAY? is an irreplaceable and invaluable business tool that you may not realise you are not fully taking advantage of. Even if you don’t work in an office – you are a teacher, for example, a musician, or even a pastor – there are so many great uses for teleconferencing.

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GabiWhat do you get if you pay for conference calls?

Why you’re not as productive as you could be

In a world where time is money and every minute is filled with something, maximum productivity is vital. Everything is constantly speeding up, tasks have to be completed more quickly with fewer steps. The modern business world needs things to be fast, smooth, and efficient. That’s why professional productivity is absolutely essential in order to find success, and there are lots of different ways you can go about boosting yours. Here are just a handful of tips that might help make you more productive, and give you new ideas about what else you can do to use your time more profitably.

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GabiWhy you’re not as productive as you could be

5 of the best apps for working professionals

There are so many smartphone and desktop applications out there that it can be easy to find your devices completely cluttered up with tools that you rarely use. Many of today’s apps are designed to make life easier and more efficient for us in some way, and a significant proportion of them are geared towards working professionals. But are any of these apps really going to make your job easier?

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Gabi5 of the best apps for working professionals

5 tips for working away from the office

The way we work is rapidly changing, as technology allows us to stay constantly connected. Thanks to this, you can now decide how, where and when you work, to suit your own lifestyle, and more people than ever are adopting this new approach. If you have the opportunity to work away from the usual office environment, there are a few things to bear in mind to ensure you are as productive as possible.

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Gabi5 tips for working away from the office

How conference calls can aid research projects

Conference calls have innumerable uses and benefits which you might not be making the most of. For many people, simply not being part of the business environment rules out teleconferencing, but this leaves a great deal of wasted potential, as well as time and energy. Ultimately, audio conferences are simply a way of bringing people together and facilitating communication, and so they have a use in all walks of life – teaching, creating, small communities like prayer groups, and so on. One broad area which stands to gain a great deal from the use of virtual meetings is research projects.

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GabiHow conference calls can aid research projects

Is remote working right for your workplace?

A revolution in the way we work is underway. Remote working is constantly becoming more and more feasible and convenient as technology develops, allowing us to keep in touch and get things done more efficiently, regardless of location. Highly useful tools like conference calling are making remote working easier than ever.

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GabiIs remote working right for your workplace?

How to ace a conference call interview

If you’re in the job market, there’s a good chance you have experienced a conference call interview. And if you’ve not yet, you probably will soon! Because conference calls are so useful to businesses, and because they widen the pool of prospective employees, it’s becoming increasingly common for employers to choose to carry out interviews on conference calls. Getting savvy on how to show your full potential over the phone is a good idea. Of course, general tips for job interviews still apply, but teleconferences have their own etiquette which you should wise up to. If you want to ace your next conference call interview, read on.

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GabiHow to ace a conference call interview

Using conference calls for customer/staff support

Teamwork is almost always crucial to achieving something in business. Even the most experienced, successful professional would tend to confess that two heads are better than one, and three better than two, and… you get the idea. A group of productive people working together will generally achieve a huge deal more than just one or two could have.

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GabiUsing conference calls for customer/staff support

Business marketing tips: let your content do the talking

For some people, marketing has developed a bad name. We have grown used to and tired of many of the intrusive pop-ups and colourful banners flashing above the information we had actually searched for. In many cases, such marketing techniques barely get a second glance. We now live in a world where there are a hundred providers of the same product or service, and each is using marketing to tell you why they are the best or the cheapest. It’s no wonder there are now so many reviewers who’s mission it is to separate the good from the average by testing products themselves and giving the buyer an “objective” opinion.

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GabiBusiness marketing tips: let your content do the talking