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UK conference call providers – hosted conferences, 08 services and WHYPAY? compared

As businesses turn to teleconferencing in a bid to solve their communication issues, most of them look to cut costs. In a competitive market, there are many providers like WHYPAY? that offer a host of teleconferencing services at affordable rates. These cost effective solutions allow users to create a free conference room with no hidden costs.

Conference calls using 08 numbers turn out to be more expensive since there are no free bundled minutes offered by mobile operators for calls to those numbers. On the other hand, teleconference services providers like WHYPAY? offer free conference calls since calls to 03 numbers from mobiles or fixed phones are included in the free bundled minutes offered by mobile and landline operators, making calls to these numbers virtually free. Where free minutes are not available, all calls are charged at the same rate as calls to landline numbers across the UK, which are 01 and 02 numbers.

WHYPAY? allows you to set up a free teleconference room with the best voice quality possible. You are provided with an access code for managing the conference while a separate access code is provided for participants.

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AdminUK conference call providers – hosted conferences, 08 services and WHYPAY? compared

Weekly sales conference call for road warriors? A cheap and convenient solution for mobile access to conference services

For road warriors, jet lag and insomnia are two things they need to battle with when on the move. Running a successful business depends a great deal on the sales force that pushes your product or service. The need for the travelling salesman will never fade, but when it comes to meetings, teleconferencing is a cheaper and convenient solution. Sales employees can use their mobile phones to attend a teleconference , which is today a cost-effective solution to host meetings without the need for travel.

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AdminWeekly sales conference call for road warriors? A cheap and convenient solution for mobile access to conference services

What are you missing out on by not conference calling?

In recent years, companies have realised the need for worldwide expansion. Thanks to breakthroughs in communication technology, the task of dealing with employees, clients, and customers from all over the globe has become much easier. Teleconferencing has become the preferred mode of communication to reach out to people in remote places.

Without teleconferencing services, companies end up spending significant amounts on travel and other related expenses for their staff. Coordinating seminars and promotional conferences becomes more difficult when you have people at different locations. A company representative that requires putting forth a proposal for a business deal in another location will need to spend on travel, lodging, and incidental expenses despite no assurance that the client will accept the proposal.

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AdminWhat are you missing out on by not conference calling?

What is the difference between a web conference and a telephone conference?

In order to remain in the competition or stand out from the crowd, every business needs to be on top of their game, especially when it comes to communication between employees and potential or existing clients. Teleconferencing and web conferencing have proved to be effective methods in bridging the communication gap and bringing together employees and customers from across the globe. Both types of services have certain benefits and drawbacks.

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AdminWhat is the difference between a web conference and a telephone conference?

Which job types conference call the most?

Conference calls are used for various purposes today. In a global market where companies vie for a niche in their industry, the need for faster and quicker communication is much greater. Teleconferencing allows people to attend important meetings without the need to leave their desk. This obviously results in a lot of savings in terms of money, and time as well. Teleconferencing services are commonly used by businesses although they are used for entertainment and social purposes as well.

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AdminWhich job types conference call the most?

Conference calls – the green solution

Every business relies on some form of communication in order to conduct their activities. However, with clients and employees all around the globe, a business needs much more than email and instant messaging. The ultimate solution to the problem is teleconferencing, a great substitute for live communication.

There are not only costs involved in employees travelling from one location to another for a meeting but also the effects of carbon footprints. Less travelling means reduction in carbon footprints making conference calls the perfect green solution. There are companies like WHYPAY? that offer low cost teleconferencing services where you can sign up for conference calling on the spot and receive a dedicated phone number and access code to be used by the attendees.

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AdminConference calls – the green solution

Conference calling; it’s not just large companies that use it

Keeping a lid on expenses is a strategy that applies to companies large and small. In a bid to remain competitive during difficult economic conditions, companies need to cut corners in every direction. When it comes to holding meetings among staff and clients, teleconferencing is one of the most inexpensive options and a perfect solution to saving money that would otherwise be spent on travelling and accommodation for employees that could be located in remote areas.

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AdminConference calling; it’s not just large companies that use it

Conference calling from a mobile? How to ensure voice quality and free access to the call

Hosting a conference call through a mobile phone has become increasingly popular especially where an emergency may arise during a development of a project. Although it is easier to host a conference call from a landline, there are steps that can be taken to ensure voice quality and free access to a call from a mobile phone.

There are a few limitations when it comes to hosting conference calls from a mobile device. More than five or six participants during a call is not possible and therefore, teleconferencing is not possible when the number of participants is large. In addition, conversations cannot be recorded, which is a major drawback if you need to refer to the call in the future. In order to overcome these drawbacks, teleconferencing services providers such as WHYPAY? constantly improve on technology with devices and software to make this possible. Conference call technology now supports a variety of mobile phones including iPhones, BlackBerry, and Androids.

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AdminConference calling from a mobile? How to ensure voice quality and free access to the call

Why business people conference call

Today, most businesses are mobile and search for every opportunity to expand even into the global market. Growth brings with it the need for better communication methods to ensure the smooth functioning of a business. In order to cut communication costs and the ever-increasing expenses on travel for its employees for the purpose of attending meetings, several companies have opted for teleconferencing services as a cheaper alternative. Making a profit is the goal of any business, which can be considerably reduced when expenses are incurred on employees and clients travelling from remote locations to attend meetings.

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AdminWhy business people conference call

Why project managers conference call

Many companies have realised how important conference calls are to their business. Whether it is meeting with potential clients or collaborating with team members, teleconferencing has paved the way for better communication standards in addition to tremendous savings on travel and other related expenses. There are many teleconferencing services you can use to effectively keep in touch with your clients and staff, regardless of your industry. For project managers, a teleconference is the easiest way to ensure that their current project is on track without any interruptions. Each member of the team can receive regular updates on the progress of the project by being a part of conference calls.

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AdminWhy project managers conference call