What is the difference between a web conference and a telephone conference?

In order to remain in the competition or stand out from the crowd, every business needs to be on top of their game, especially when it comes to communication between employees and potential or existing clients. Teleconferencing and web conferencing have proved to be effective methods in bridging the communication gap and bringing together employees and customers from across the globe. Both types of services have certain benefits and drawbacks.

For the most part, teleconferencing enables you to hold a meeting or conference over a telephone. Telephony goes one step further than mere two-way communication to allow numerous participants to listen in. One of the main advantaging of teleconferencing services is that participants can attend a meeting from anywhere around the world without the need for travel, thereby reduces expenses significantly. It also allows businesses a great deal of flexibility in conducting unscheduled meetings. Moreover, it enhances the ability of businesses to communicate with branch offices and clients at any time.

Like every technology, teleconferencing has its set of drawbacks. However, some can be easily resolved with training. Equipment that is not properly installed prior to a meeting can result in disruptions. Sometimes, a lack of face-to-face communication may not go down well with potential clients or employees who are unable to grasp concepts without human interaction. Brainstorming sessions could become a bit more difficult to handle. Proper equipment is essential in order to ensure that conference calls are conducted smoothly. It requires a room with an environment that allows for optimal sound for every call. However, these issues can be easily resolved when guidelines are established for the participation in a teleconference .

Web conferencing involves the use of the internet and enables you to incorporate several features to conduct a meeting efficiently. Like teleconferencing, it eliminates any travel and related expenses and offers flexibility in scheduling meetings. However, it also allows the use of real-time white boards where the presenter can write and illustrate points. It enables the use of web cameras, screen-sharing in real-time, and PowerPoint presentations.

One of the drawbacks is that participants need to learn to use communication tools such as a web camera, microphones, and recording equipment. Any equipment glitches could result in disruption of the web conference. Every participant will need to find a designated place so that there are no distractions.

Ultimately, it is up to a business to make a choice between teleconference services and web conferencing. Those on a limited budget may opt for teleconferencing; however, the costs for hosting web conferences can be minimal as well.

AdminWhat is the difference between a web conference and a telephone conference?
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