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Chairing a conference call? Tips to ensure your call goes smoothly

Conference call hosts need to prepare well in order to conduct a call efficiently. The main objective of any host is to keep the call pertinent to the subject, purposeful and secure. Teleconferencing services providers like WHYPAY? offer a variety of well integrated features to ensure that conference calls are conducted smoothly.

Chairing a teleconference is easy as long as you are well prepared. All it needs is a bit or organisation and moderation. The first thing is to send the meeting request along with the agenda, phone number to dial into the conference bridge , and the access code to all the participants.

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GabiChairing a conference call? Tips to ensure your call goes smoothly

Can I conference call on my mobile?

Thanks to technology, conference calling isn’t restricted to landlines alone. You can dial into a conference call from your mobile and save a considerable amount of money at the same time. Besides, you needn’t be confined to a conference room or your desk when you have the privilege of using your mobile phone on the go. With calls becoming cheaper, teleconferencing through mobile phones has become a buzzword these days.

Read on to explore how to arrange a conference call on mobile, the costs of these calls and exactly how to keep the costs down.

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GabiCan I conference call on my mobile?

Why sales people conference call

Sales is one of the most competitive and progressive areas to work in. It is important for businesses to make the most of its resources when it comes to sales. One of the essential and most resourceful elements today is teleconferencing. No longer do you need to send your salespeople out to a potential client when you have the option of conference calls instead. This gives your staff the opportunity to spend less time on the road, time that can be spent contacting customers and making sales instead. In the long run, a teleconference can benefit everyone. Sales techniques can be improved by pairing sales personnel on a conference Call. This in turn allows best practices in selling to be shared.

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GabiWhy sales people conference call