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How a conference call bridge works: the technology behind conference calls

If you have any role in the business environment – or even, increasingly, outside the business environment – you probably have some familiarity with conference calling, but you may be a little unclear on how it actually works. A conference call is like a telephone call, except that multiple people can be connected simultaneously. As you have likely experienced, all the participants dial into a conference bridge to get connected to the teleconference.

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AdminHow a conference call bridge works: the technology behind conference calls

Carbon offsetting for businesses: a world saviour or a silly idea?

With all the troubles in the world, no business can be solely about making money. We all have to do our little bit to try and make things better, and one area that often – deservedly – receives a lot of attention is trying to tackle environmental issues. This is particularly relevant and beneficial because so many businesses do so often add to rather than help combat climate change.

One way that is becoming increasingly popular among businesses, and individuals too, is carbon offsetting. This is essentially where companies can pay for the carbon emissions they cause to be neutralised, by offsetting them elsewhere. For example, if somebody had to take a flight to a meeting, they would use an offsetting website to calculate how much carbon that flight had added to the atmosphere, and pay for a project designed to reduce future emissions, for example by distributing low-energy lightbulbs to towns in Chile. There are also products available which include carbon offsetting in their price, which means you don’t even have to opt-in to neutralise your impact, it is done from the moment of purchase, or possibly even production.

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AdminCarbon offsetting for businesses: a world saviour or a silly idea?

The most overlooked process in web design: user testing

Designing a website can seem like an extremely daunting, mammoth task. Of course, it is a key component of any company, and in the modern world almost always an absolute necessity for any business to have success; from florists to banks to political parties and wastepaper basket companies. So, it makes sense that you would spend a great deal of time and money on making your website as attractive, professional and seamless as possible.

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AdminThe most overlooked process in web design: user testing

Why is Edinburgh breeding UK technology start ups?

In recent years, Scotland’s capital has become something of a hot-bed for technology start ups. But why is it such a good place for new entrepreneurs to flock to when starting up their businesses?


To begin with, Edinburgh has multiple physical qualities which make it particularly well-suited to fostering new businesses. It is a convenient point for commuting and travelling to meetings, equipped with trains, buses, trams, and an airport and located only an hour away from the next largest city, Glasgow.

Edinburgh contains some of the very best science parks and research centres in the whole country, meaning new technological developments, discoveries, and innovations can always be supported. In addition to these, there are large amounts of start-up premises available to allow people to get a team together and get to work.

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AdminWhy is Edinburgh breeding UK technology start ups?

Desk posture: your guide to sitting properly at work

You may not think of your posture as one of the most important aspects of your work life, but it’s becoming an increasing priority in a lot of offices as people realise the colossal effects it can have upon your health and your productivity.

The fact is, the average adult spends around 50-70% of the day sitting at work. Clearly, something that accounts for such a huge chunk of your life needs to be done properly, ensuring you reduce the risk of negative impacts as far as possible. You have to reconcile the incompatibilities between the work and the worker in order to allow the best possible and safest performance.

The risks

The potential negative impacts of sitting poorly are very real, and very serious. Office workers who spend most of the working day sitting at their desks have been found to be twice as likely to have cardiovascular disease, and a  massive 54% more likely to die of a heart attack – even if they dedicate a lot of time and effort to keeping in shape.

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AdminDesk posture: your guide to sitting properly at work