UK conference call providers – hosted conferences, 08 services and WHYPAY? compared

As businesses turn to teleconferencing in a bid to solve their communication issues, most of them look to cut costs. In a competitive market, there are many providers like WHYPAY? that offer a host of teleconferencing services at affordable rates. These cost effective solutions allow users to create a free conference room with no hidden costs.

Conference calls using 08 numbers turn out to be more expensive since there are no free bundled minutes offered by mobile operators for calls to those numbers. On the other hand, teleconference services providers like WHYPAY? offer free conference calls since calls to 03 numbers from mobiles or fixed phones are included in the free bundled minutes offered by mobile and landline operators, making calls to these numbers virtually free. Where free minutes are not available, all calls are charged at the same rate as calls to landline numbers across the UK, which are 01 and 02 numbers.

WHYPAY? allows you to set up a free teleconference room with the best voice quality possible. You are provided with an access code for managing the conference while a separate access code is provided for participants.

Through the conference bridge set up by WHYPAY?, all you need to do is share the login details with the participants and allow them to dial in at a specified time. Access codes provided are permanent and can be used for any conference call . You can dial in to the conference bridge provided via mobile phone, landline, or even Skype.

Paid plans from WHYPAY? provide users with many features at an affordable price. Features included are call recording, scheduling, importing contacts, and the ability to manage conference rooms online. Also, included are automatic notifications about conference calls via SMS and IM, and email, and call statistics. It is also possible to hold teleseminars with up to 5,000 participants with WHYPAY’s paid plans. Free services are available for up to 100 callers while international callers are also allowed access.

With a number of affordable conference call plans available, it is only a matter of figuring out your business requirements prior to choosing a plan. Fees vary amongst providers, however, you will find the prices in accordance with the number of features provided. When you compare these prices with the cost of travelling, accommodation, and other related expenses, using teleconferencing services is a viable and relatively inexpensive option for small, medium, and large companies as well.

AdminUK conference call providers – hosted conferences, 08 services and WHYPAY? compared
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