Weekly sales conference call for road warriors? A cheap and convenient solution for mobile access to conference services

For road warriors, jet lag and insomnia are two things they need to battle with when on the move. Running a successful business depends a great deal on the sales force that pushes your product or service. The need for the travelling salesman will never fade, but when it comes to meetings, teleconferencing is a cheaper and convenient solution. Sales employees can use their mobile phones to attend a teleconference , which is today a cost-effective solution to host meetings without the need for travel.

Teleconferencing services are ideal for sales presentations, lead generation, and even allows many employees to work from home at least part time. Service providers offer conference calls from mobile phones at no extra cost. Participants dial into a conference bridge from their mobile phones and are connected instantly with an access code to the teleconference. With over 40% of calls being made from mobile phones in the UK, there is a steady increase in the use of mobiles for teleconferencing. One of the obvious advantages is that a participant is not confined to a desk or conference room in order to attend a teleconference.

Calls to 03 numbers are included in free minutes offered by mobile phone service providers as part of their service plan. Therefore, most participants can end up paying nothing for a conference call . In addition, calls are charged at the same rate as calls to landline numbers which are 01 and 02 numbers, which are significantly cheaper as well. Teleconferencing through service providers like WHYPAY? does not require any specialised equipment. Conference calls can be made through normal mobile phones and even a computer.

From sales meetings to discussion on global sales strategies, the best way to communicate is through conference calls . An increasing number of businesses have realised the importance of teleconferencing as a way to not only hold meetings effectively but to reduce costs significantly. It also allows participation in a single conference by a number of participants. With features such as call recording and playback, every attendee is assured complete participation in the meeting. Teleconferencing services can be set up instantly while providers such as WHYPAY? offer a permanent conference room free as part of their flexible range of plans that allow businesses to choose appropriate plans that suit their needs. Moreover, you only need to pay for the duration of the conference call and not for any services that you are not going to avail of.

AdminWeekly sales conference call for road warriors? A cheap and convenient solution for mobile access to conference services
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