Conference calls – the green solution

Every business relies on some form of communication in order to conduct their activities. However, with clients and employees all around the globe, a business needs much more than email and instant messaging. The ultimate solution to the problem is teleconferencing, a great substitute for live communication.

There are not only costs involved in employees travelling from one location to another for a meeting but also the effects of carbon footprints. Less travelling means reduction in carbon footprints making conference calls the perfect green solution. There are companies like WHYPAY? that offer low cost teleconferencing services where you can sign up for conference calling on the spot and receive a dedicated phone number and access code to be used by the attendees.

For businesses, tight budgets are a common practice, necessitating them to look for a way to streamline operations in order to cut costs. Today, they also have the added pressure of going ‘Green’. Many green processes are costly but when it comes to teleconference services, they are one of the most cost effective solutions to remain carbon friendly. Consider the environmental cost of air travel and you will realise the benefits of conducting conference calls. A 1,000 mile flight emits at least 400 pounds of carbon dioxide, so you can be sure of not contributing to energy waste through conference call solutions.

Teleconferencing provides the ideal platform for the environmentally friendly of businesses that have much to gain from using teleconference services over traditional meetings. It helps a business to be a lot more productive with no time being wasted at airports or train stations. With an increasing amount of awareness on the effects of carbon dioxide on the environment, the demand for eco friendly practices is also evident. Carriers like WHYPAY? are able to help companies move forward into the future with advanced conference call technology and become as eco friendly as possible.

It is important for every business to consider going green and teleconferencing can be a great, low cost alternative where participants needn’t move from their present location across the globe in order to interact at a meeting. Service providers offer a variety of robust tools to allow for superior quality teleconferencing at a fraction of the cost. While remaining focused on their main goals, a company can continue to make an environmentally friendly approach to doing business globally.

AdminConference calls – the green solution
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